How To Become A Reseller of American Made Kitchen Knives

Why Rada Cutlery?

You may already have a home business or are thinking about starting one but perhaps you want products to sell that are American made and don't know where to look. Does this sound like you? If so, the remarkable products that I'm telling you about today are recognized by many people who can remember their grandmothers using those silver aluminum paring knives for many, many years.  But, the knives have gotten a whole lot better since then and there's many more to chose from. Here's a couple of reasons you may want to become a reseller of American made kitchen knives.

  1. Rada is American made from start to finish. They have a great reputation and their knives are sharp! You can learn about Rada Cutlery and what the materials are made of online, which is a very interesting concept.
  2. The value your customer gets when they purchase a piece of cutlery is huge! With 100 employees and a workforce that is commited to quality, they try to provide the customers with the best value for their dollar.
  3. Rada cutlery is easy to sell. Basically, they will sell themselves. Others will talk positive and word of mouth will give you return customers.
  4. Not only is there knives to sell, but additional products like other kitchen utensils, quick dip mixes, soy wax candles, stoneware and cookbooks! There's always a chance for a repeat customer.
  5. Lifetime guarantee! Yes, this product will include a lifetime guarantee that your customer will love and because they are affordable makes it an even better purchase!

No matter which way you look at it, there are so many positive aspects of becoming a reseller of American made kitchen knives.


Look how well these knives slice a tomato

Making a tomato rose

How To Start Reselling Rada Cutlery

Steps to take

Rada Cutlery is not an MLM where you have to recruit people into a business. If you enjoy selling and want to make some extra money AND you truly believe in keeping America working, you may want to take a serious look at this business. You can work home parties, sell from a farmers market, sell to friends and family, have your own stand at any place of your choosing, sell your products via your own online store or however you see fit as long as you abide by the company terms of service.

Learning a bit more about the knives and business you will be working with can be helpful when you resell the product.

There are just a few simple steps to take:

  • Go to the Rada website and request a packet so you can see for yourself and learn about the company.
  • Place your first order of at least $75.
  • You must acquire if you don't have one, a sales tax identification number, which you can go online to your state to find out how to get one.

That's easy, right? For a small start up cost, you can be on your way to a very lucrative business that is very proud to present you with American made kitchen knives and cutley.