How To Become a Security Guard In California

California's Security Guard industry is expected to grow exponentially in coming years. In fact, California's Employment Development Department is estimating that the state's private patrol industry will grow to over 160,000 jobs by the year 2016. This is exciting news for anyone interested in becoming a security guard in California. It is proof that this ever-expanding industry still has room to grow.

The following will include everything you need to know about becoming a security guard in California.

Obtain A California Guard Card

If you do not already have a guard card with the state of California, you will need to obtain one. The most common route to getting a guard card is by applying with a security company that has a guard card program. Many companies will hire you but require you get a guard card through their hosted classes. The cost of getting your card can range from anywhere from $100-$200+. Some security companies will pay for the class and reimburse themselves with part of your first paycheck.

If you prefer to obtain your guard card before you apply for a job, register with a state licensed training facility. Such training facilities can be found throughout the state of California. Know California's Guard Card Requirements

As with getting a guard card in any state, there are set field of requirements. The following are requirements for obtaining a California issued Guard Card:

Be at least 18 years old

Submit/pass a criminal background check Complete California's state required 40 hours of training through a licensed guard card training program Fingerprints

California requires all security guard applicants to have their fingerprints taken electronically through "Live Scan." Inquire with a security company or look online through California's official government website to find a Live Scan location near you. Training Process

Your 40 hours of guard card training breakdown like this:

8 hours of training (to be completed before starting your post)
16 hours of training (to be completed within 30 days of employment)
16 hours of training (to be completed with 6 months of employment)

The first training class you need to complete is the 8 hour "Power To Arrest" course and test. The remaining 32 hours include on the job training and are broken up into 2 time periods.

To start you will need to pass of the basic unarmed security guard requirements, i.e. be at least 18 years old, pass a background check, etc. After you have received confirmation that your background check has been submitted, periodically check California's BSIS website to confirm that you passed.

Armed Guard Training

The main difference in the process of becoming an armed security guard is the training involved. To become an armed security guard you will need to complete a 14 hours training course. Eight of these training hours will be an a classroom environment and the remaining 6 hours will consist of firearm training in a gun range. Upon completing the required 14 hour course, you will need to complete an 16 hours in training no later than 1 month of employment and another 16 hours in training no later than 6 months from start of employment.

Your armed guard security license will be good for 2 years. You will need to renew it once this period has elapsed.

How To Become A Security Guard In Nevada

Becoming a security guard in Nevada requires different licenses for armed security positions and non-armed security positions. To become an armed security guard in Nevada, you need to undertake an education training course as well as a firearms training course which is eleven hours long. After this you receive you armed security licensing from the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board. The education training process prepared you to work in situations where you would be required to work as an armed guard. The training helps you to control situations with professionalism including crowd control and controlling medical emergencies.

To work in this sector you must be twenty-one years of age. You are also required to take a six hour classroom training course on laws and liability for the armed security license. Working as an armed security guard offers positions in private staff for casinos. To work in this sector you will need the eleven hours of classroom firearms training as well as three additional hours for range training with a weapon.

The minimum education requirements are a high school diploma or a GED equivalent, a current valid photo ID, fingerprinting, as well as information from the Internal Revenue Service. By receiving this training you will be confident in handling high-risk situations which might arise while on duty. The positions for an armed security guard in Nevada include medium or high risk areas. The eleven hours of training in the classroom covers legal issues, ethical issues, observation, defusing situations, detaining criminals, firearms training, marksmanship, targets, properly writing reports, and emergency medical attention which includes CPR.

The firearms training includes classroom education as well time on the range, totally eight hours in the classroom and three hours on the range. This must be completed to receive the certification necessary to carry a firearm in the state of Nevada.If you want to work in casinos then you must also obtain a license from the sheriff once you
have completed the training. The firearms license requires a refresher course every six months which is one hour long. Once you have completed this training you can work in nightclubs, banks, airports, casinos, apartments, parking facilities, colleges, schools, armored
vehicles, hotels, government offices, private offices, and apartments.

To work as an unarmed security guard in Nevada, you must also obtain a license from the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board. Nevada is different from other states because of the casinos. Therefore you must obtain certification to become a casino security guard even if you are unarmed. You need to also receive a license from the sheriff’s office.

The qualifications include being at least twenty-one years of age, having a high school diploma or a GED equivalent, legally allowed to work in the United States. You must also have a valid photo ID, undergo a background check, and submit to fingerprinting. You need eleven hours of training in order to obtain the license to become an unarmed security guard in the state of Nevada. The training prepares you on professionalism, handling emergency situations, your limitations when dealing with police, detaining criminals, and working with medical emergency technicians. You need yearly refresher courses as well.

The training prepares you on crowd control during an emergency situation, ethical issues, legal issues, emergency training which includes CPR, observation, as well as writing reports, and detaining shoplifters. By receiving this training you will be prepared to work in schools, museums, art galleries, malls, libraries, parking structure, retail stores, private offices, nightclubs, apartments and hotels. You can also work monitoring alarm systems or cameras in a casino, in an office building, or in other types of businesses.