People who want to know how to become a slot technician are better served if they get advice than if they go at it blindly. Casinos are springing up everywhere, so it only stands to reason that this job will provide notable job security.

Like in most areas of specialization, a sound educational background is a must. However, the nature of this job requires you to repair and work with slot machines and computers. Therefore, it will be worth your time and money to actually enroll with a college and pursue studies in computer repair and electronics. An associate's degree from any recognized institution normally takes at least two years to complete, after which you can essentially start looking for work. There are several schools in the Las Vegas metropolitan area that will accept you on entry level. However, to protect yourself from scandalous institutions you must visit a casino and find out from them which schools they normally turn to when they are scouring around for good trainees.

Training And Experience

After having completed your associates degree or electronics/computer repair related qualification, the next thing that must be on your mind is getting training and experience. Apply for any technical job which requires you to carry out technical repairs and ensure that you keep it for at least 6 months. A lot of people wishing to know how to become a slot technician ignore this very important hurdle and end up wondering what went wrong with their job interviews. The fact is you need experience in order to be a yard ahead of competitors. The Green Valley School of Gaming is an excellent choice to opt for as it gives you hands on training on what you will be doing once you get the job. There are other training schools in Reno, Las Vegas as well and most of these are affiliated to popular gambling spots.


Earning certification is not exactly the same as getting a driver's license, but in a lot of ways it gives your potential employers the confidence of knowing that their new recruit has gone through standardized training. Certification seeks to prove that you are in fact dependable and have gone through all the training that sets you on track for good quality work. There are several institutions that offer A+ certification in slot machine repair and you need to start looking around for such institutions as they will do you a world of benefit. Unless you did not know, 200 hours of training is the standard timeframe of training which makes it easy to get a job.

Age And Fitness

You cannot become a slot technician if you are not 18 years and older. This is in line with state laws that are designed to protect underage girls and boys who might be too young to be experiencing the many activities that go about unnoticed in gambling spots. An in addition to age you have to be physically fit. This is because the nature of the job requires you to stand for long periods of time while carrying heavy equipment at the same time