Sports Broadcasting

Sportscasting is an awesome career!  I mean, who hasn’t fantasized about calling big league games and talking with the greatest stars in sports.  (come on admit it, you know you have) 

The most amazing thing most sport fanatics don’t understand is that yes, you CAN become a sports broadcaster!  I’m not saying it’s easy, or even that you’ll be instantly rich and famous.  However, if your true goal is the work in sports and call the action, this can certainly be your year. 

Here are 5 things you can do to become a sportscaster this year.

1. Start Calling Games

This is the foundation for everything you hope to do.  In order to truly understand your talents and areas of strength and weakness, you need to dive right in.  Call games into your smart phone at the local park.  Broadcast games on TV.  Whatever works, just so you can start practicing and developing your style.  In addition, watch and listen to as many professionals as you can, picking and choosing the good, bad and ugly along the way.

2. Tell everyone you know, and even those you don’t

You never know who knows who.  That’s exactly why you’ll want to make your sportscasting goal your number one topic of conversation (without becoming the annoying weirdo everybody ducks in the supermarket.)  You never know if someone at your child’s soccer game knows the program director at the local radio station.  Or your dentist’s college roommate might be a thriving national sportscaster.  You never know, and by talking about your aspirations you will open all kinds of doors!

3. Track down at least one solid mentor

This may be the most important step of all.  Find someone who has done what you want to do, and do what he did.  In other words, copy someone else’s steps to success!  The most incredible thing most aspiring sports broadcasters come to realize is that most successful broadcasters are very willing to help.  The vast majority will gladly give of their time and advice to help steer you in the right direction.  And once you begin your networking with a solid mentor – or ten – you’ll be on your way to finding that lucky break.

4. Make an offer to every media outlet you can think of

This might be hard to swallow at first, so you may want to sit down.  Really, take a seat.  A great tactic to use to jumpstart your sports broadcasting career is the list every media outlet you know of, and make them an offer.  Offer to work in their sports broadcasting department – for free!  That’s right, tell them you are pumped up to become a sports broadcaster and you’d just loooooove the chance to help them for free.  Provided you present as a solid, stable, intelligent and sincere professional, a very high percentage of hiring managers will accept your offer.  That gives you real world experience to put on a resume, and a valuable first step on your own ladder of success.  And trust me, you won’t have to work for free forever.

5. If all else fails, create your own broadcasting job 

The best part of becoming a sports broadcaster these days is the unending options at your disposal.  If you’ve followed the preceding four steps - or even if you haven’t – you can always create your own sportscasting position.  Nowadays we have all kinds of options, such as podcasting, internet radio, streaming audio, YouTube, Soundcloud, microphones and equipment, etc, etc, etc.  This is exciting news!  With an internet connection and some minor learning, you can create your very own sports broadcasting position.

This year is perhaps the best time EVER to jump into sports broadcasting.  You provide the passion, and your options are endless.  These first 5 steps in your journey should have you on your way by the time the year is out.  If your dream is to become a sports broadcaster, go make it happen!