Learning how to operate a military fighter tank

Military powerful arsenal - tanks

Tank Commander Game Online FreeOne of the most exciting jobs in the armed forces is being on the battlefield driving one of the many large tanks. If you find this exciting and the prospect of doing this can be a reality here is some information on how to become a tank commander in the armed forces.

Like anyone who joins the armed forces you need to start from the beginning like everyone else. This means going through the rigorous training exercises that can last up to a few months and even seeing real combat in a war zone.

Before you join the Army you must consider the prospect that you will be going into a conflict zone somewhere around the world and may have to kill another human being.

There is also a lot of discipline that you must learn so if you are the type of person who does not like to be told what do then joining the army is not going to be the right career for you.

One of the best places to go to become a tank commander in the armed forces is to join thTank Commander Onlinee infantry or ground troops which are based on the front line.

You are given basic military training as a soldier and from there you will receive further training on how to drive a range of large vehicles. This will include doing your heavy goods vehicle driving licence which will enable you to drive large lorries. You can also opt to learn how to drive a tank which is where your training as a tank commander will start.

Learning some of the mechanics of how these large vehicles work is essential in your job as if you get stuck in a combat zone you will need to quickly be able to repair the vehicle so it can move.Tank Commander WW2

Also being in control of such a large and deadly vehicle requires a lot of experience and skill. It is also a great responsibility as you will have the lives of your crew members in your hands.

Good navigation skills are a must and you should also be able to work well within a team. Starting out as a driver, mechanic, or gunner will lead you to do further qualifications to gain your job position as a tank commander.

If you do get go into battle then you will find that your experience and promotion is accelerated as you can prove yourself a lot quicker when going to war. There are constant situations where the militaryBritish Tank Commander are called upon throughout the world whether you are serving for your country or as part of the United Nations.

In some countries military service is compulsory but in most Western countries you will find that it is not and you will have to apply to your local armed forces recruitment agent to get further information about this military job. They can be found online as this is the best place to get up-to-date information on when they are taking people on.