How To Become An Investment Banker

So you are interested in the world of finance and are thinking of getting into this field. Does the sound of double or tripling your net-worth in one year appeal to you? Are you a numbers orientated person and could see yourself coldly calculating investments? Then maybe the world of investment banking is right for you. Investment banking is extremely meticulous and requires attention to detail.

  1. Degree In Finance

  2. Professional Attitude

Degree In Finance

The degree necessary for a career in the investment banking field is a degree in finance. Usually people get their Bachelors in Finance before ever applying at a bank. Some individuals skip going to work with their B.A. And continue on with their education and get their Masters Degree. The chance of climbing the ranks with only a B.A. Are very slim as the competition is fierce.

Most banks encourage all employees that have B.As to continue with their education and get a Masters Degree eventually.

Keep Up To Date On Investments

Once you are employed in a bank you have to impress your superiors before they let you guide investment accounts. The best way to impress is by keeping up to date with the latest news. Subscribing to Trading or Investment magazines can be a great source for talk points and to not be left in the dust against your competition.

Professional Investment Banker Attitude

The world of white collar business requires a professional attitude. As an investment banker you might be required to speak to high net-worth individuals that could easily move their assets to another bank. If you work of a business-to-business bank then one small mistake in a meeting could cost you your job and your company millions of dollars.

Being tactful and a good speaker are a must. Many people in the investment industry sign up for Toastmasters International. Toastmasters International is a club that allows it's members to practice public speaking with each other to have a positive critique experience.

Be Ready For Rejection Of Your Investment Ideas

The world of investment was not built on a shoddy foundation. All investments that have built up a bank were coldly calculated and done conservatively. Being able to take rejection of your ideas is a must.

The burnout are in the investment industry is very high. Most individuals never get to an investment banking position because they decide to go with a less stressful position by the time they are qualified for advancement.

The investment world is still extremely conservative it's attitudes. Be conservative when you conduct yourself in interviews and during meetings.