Whether you have just adopted a puppy, or a full grown dog, it is important that you become pack leader in the initial contact between dog and owner. Dogs are social, pack-oriented animals. Your dog will respect a strong, clear, fair leader. If you fail to establish this position for yourself, your dog will feel obliged to try to take the position of leader for himself.

Step 1:
Praise your dog as if you own it. Firmly pat and pet your cog. Have strong and confident body contact with it. This will establish that you are the alpha male in the pack.

Step 2:
Reprimand fairly and quickly. When you touch your dog, do it with confidence and authority. Never hit your dog. Hands mean a shake to the collar, a surprise assistance to a sitting or laying formation.

Step 3:
Make your dog obey the first time you say a command. Do not get in the habit of repeating a command over and over. This will lessen the effect of your voice.

Step 4:
Do a Sit stay. Put the dog into a sit-stay position for 5 minutes. If he breaks the formation, then put her back into a sit stay position. Keep doing this. After a few minutes of this, he will have become the alpha pack leader.

Step 5:
If you have more than one dog in your household, try to establish pack order by feeding one dog first. This is another means of exerting your authority.

Tips & Warnings:
-Your dog will be happier. A dog needs structure-it wants to know where you stand and what is their responsibility. Firm and loving training will keep you and your dog happy-and keep you guys together
-Some breeds of dogs are more easier to train than others.