When the summer comes around, it is easy to struggle when you're trying to find the perfect temperature. One minute you are too hot, and then only too soon you get too cold. We seem to try everything: opening the window wide, putting the air conditioning or fan on full blast, or even getting the coldest shower you can manage. The main problem is that we tend to go from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Take the office for example, your employees come in from their lunch breaks after running around the shops for half an hour; the air conditioning goes on, and everybody else starts shivering. It is exactly the opposite of what happens in the winter when more business gas gets consumed from central heating radiators when your employees are feeling the chill. But it's common for people to get hot and flustered when they are in the hustle and bustle of the streets, but they then come inside and think that it is just too warm.

Often, the best way to cool down after lunchtime or shopping madness is to drink a nice cold glass of water (or as cold as your teeth can take). This way the rest of the office maintains the same temperature. Make sure air conditioning, fans, and open windows aren't used at the same time; warm air may end up coming from outside if it is a very hot day, rendering the energy usage as useless.

The easiest way to ensure you are comfortable at home or at the office is to wear a versatile outfit. Loose fitting clothes will keep you cool, while having a jumper or cardigan to hand will be useful if it starts to get a bit draughty from the air conditioning. Communication is also another big factor; are your employees too hot, too cold, or just right? It's best to go with the majority in a large office.

Staying hydrated will keep your mind focussed on your work, and will also be refreshing when you start getting too warm. Having water coolers placed strategically around the office should encourage your staff to drink more water; and they may even become more productive as a result. And for a bit of light relief, you could always hand out free ice creams one afternoon.