Wrestling is a sport that demands physical toughness, a strong mental attitude, and a lot of dedication. You have to be willing to put in the sacrifices yourself if you want to be successful in this sport. Unlike other team sports where you may have to count on someone else, you only have yourself to depend on. So if you get pinned or put in a submission move, its nobody but your own fault. Read on to learn the tips you need to become a better wrestler.

To be a great wrestler, you have to be in excellent condition. Although each round only lasts about 3 minutes, you have to give it your all during each round or you are going to get pinned or submitted. You may think that's not a long time, but trust me, it will seem like forever until that referee blows the whistle if you are not in shape or don't have good stamina. Therefore you want to train your quick twitch fibers which will make you more explosive and train your endurance which will help you last longer during each round. Practice running 400 meter dashes at a track and performing plyometrics and Olympic Lifts. These exercises will help you get in wrestling shape as well as improve your explosiveness. You can visit www.stack.com for step by step instructional videos and articles on how to perform the exercises.

Technique is everything in wrestling. You have to know how to perform a variety of moves in order to disengage your opponent and pin him. Your stance is also important in wrestling. You have to stay low and keep your feet moving in order to avoid getting your legs taken by your opponent. You have to be skilled in taking your opponent down, pinning your opponent when you both are the ground, and be able to counter when your opponent is winning.

You have to be mentally tough. Wrestling is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports there is. You have to be able to withstand pain and be able to last the entire match. Mental toughness will help get you over that hump when the match gets tough and the match comes down to the wire. You will be mentally tougher if you are in the best possible shape and can go round for round with your opponent.

It's also important to be flexible if you want to be good in wrestling and reduce your chances of being injured. When you are put into different moves and sparring on the ground, you have to be flexible in order to not be injured. If you are stiff and have limited flexibility, you can be seriously hurt should you get in a tweaked position that over extends your muscles or ligaments. Thus, work on your flexibility everyday before and after you practice. You should move into the stretch until you feel a slight pain and then hold the stretch for 30-60 seconds. Warming up by jogging or sitting in a hot tub will help you get an even better stretch which will make you even more flexible.

In conclusion, if you put the above tips to use, then you will become a better wrestler. Do you have any tips you want to share? Feel free to comment on the article. Good Luck!