How To Become a Celebrity Online

People are always asking and wondering how to become a celebrity! These days anyone and everyone wants to be famous and the simple fact is that anyone and everyone can be famous if they really wanted to. These days if you are famous on the internet or an online celebrity then you are famous all around. This is because the Internet is now the platform of choice for many people. Previously you had to be on TV to be able to get famous and getting on TV is quite a tricky thing to do however these days anyone and everyone can put themselves online and the simple fact is that the more people that know your name the more famous you are!

So if you want to know how to become an online celebrity I would normally first say that you need to find a talent however these days that's not even necessary. You do need to find something though, so people can explain what it is you do. So you could be a singer, rapper, DJ, Model, Business Guru, Party planner or a "socialite". A socialite is normally something attached to good looking young men or women who don't actually have a niche or talent apart from simply looking good and being known as a cool person within their local area.

You do need to have some sort of nice image that will help people to like you more and so you basically need to get on all social networking sites and build up your profiles! Join Facebook, Twitter, myspace, youtube and anything else new that comes along and work hard to build up your followers and fanpages. If you are serious about doing this then you should invest in some software to automate all the adding for you. This is very cheap and worth it in the long run.

As you begin building up your online following its important to keep active and be responsive to people on there. Its easy to ignore some messages or comments as most people who are genuinely famous wont normally have time for the "little people" however you need to wait till you are genuinely actually famous before you start doing that!

Also, there is no time to be selective with who you add or follow. For example on somewhere such as Facebook if you see a friend request from someone you don't like the look of then just accept it. It doesn't matter as this account wont be your personal account but your "business" account and the only thing that matters is getting that number up to the big 5000!