Ever wondered how to become a great Facebook game developer? While you need technical skills to become a game developer, it goes far beyond that.  Many game developers have games that suffer from some serious flaws and turn off Facebook game players from those titles. In this article we’ll discuss how you can become a great Facebook game developer by thinking like someone who is playing your new game.

Don’t be a Copycat Facebook Game Developer

Far too many Facebook game developers create titles that are exactly the same as other titles on Facebook. This just doesn’t work in the long run because you aren’t giving the end user something unique. How many farm games do you find on Facebook? Most of these games do exactly the same thing as every other game without offering a unique twist on the experience for the game player. As gamers we want to play something new not the same thing over and over again. You can see the same thing in regular video game design; people get tired of the same game being released. If you don’t radically change your game and offer something different, then in the end you’ll just eventually lose players. To be a successful video game developer on Facebook you need to create a fun, unique game that’s going to appeal to masses of people.

Balance Free Content and Paid Content

Many Facebook game app developers create great games but they rely more on paid content than free content.  The prices of much of the paid content is often far too high for any normal person to afford. In the end these games end up costing far more than any paid subscription to a full-featured MMO game online. The high cost of these “virtual goods” turns off many people because they can’t enjoy the game to the full extent. It would be much better to lower the prices of the premium goods so everyone could afford them. In my opinion, the game developer would make more money since everyone would be buying the items in question.  This would only encourage more people to buy items not turn away from the games completely. This is the main reason many gamers have left certain Facebook games and why some games have failed. The cost of virtual game items is far too high for regular people to enjoy the game so they leave. If you’re going to be a Facebook game developer you need to keep these points in mind before designing your game.

Players Hate the “Energy” System

Most Facebook game players really detest the “energy” system created by Facebook game developers and added to many popular Facebook games. This energy system makes playing these Facebook games a big chore. Once you run out of energy you either need a ton of Facebook friends to send you more energy or you need to buy it with “real life” cash in the game store. This energy system is another reason people leave Facebook games, the energy system just doesn’t add anything of value to Facebook games and in fact makes people want to quit. With the energy system you can typically play for maybe 5-10mins before your energy is depleted. This is supposed to be fun for the average gamer? Facebook game developers just don’t think about the average player and design games with them in mind. A great Facebook game developer will create a game that doesn’t rely on the energy system or makes it easy for the play to get more energy very quickly.

Use 3D Technologies

As a Facebook game developer you need to embrace new 3D browser game technologies like the Unity player and create games on those platforms. No one wants to play boring text based games on Facebook anymore and these games will just fail in the short term. Players want new exciting 3D games to play on Facebook. Most people now use modern computers that can handle these games. If you want to be a Facebook video game developer that leads the pack you need to create a game in 3D and get people excited about your new game.  Game graphics and sound are becoming more important to Facebook game players as the browsing game industry expands with new titles. If you want your company to succeed you need these new 3D gaming tools in your titles.

More than a “Simple” Experience

While there will always be a place for simple games on Facebook more players are demanding something a bit more when they P play a Facebook game. Players are looking for deeper MMO experiences that they can play with their friends online through Facebook. Players want to interact with other games players on Facebook without it being boring. Visiting a Facebook friend and planting a crop without ever seeing the other player isn’t that much fun anymore.  There’s room on Facebook for deeper games that give players more to do with their time. Players are looking to interact more with their friends on the platform, not less.

Be an Innovative Facebook Game Developer

To become a successful Facebook game developer don’t do what other  companies are producing, create something fresh and new that will get players attention. Gamers want more than simple experiences now and you must use new technologies such as browser 3D plug-in to create full rich gaming experiences for Facebook. Balance your premium content with more free content that will keep gamers coming back for more. If you rely on all the quality items being premium and high-cost you’ll drive players way in droves once they get tired of it enough. Ditch the annoying “energy system” and come up with something different or make energy easy to obtain for the game player so they stay playing the game for longer periods of time. Create new games that go beyond a “simple” gaming experience and give players more interaction with their Facebook friends.  New Facebook game developers have a wealth of opportunities on the Facebook platform if they design their games in the right way and bring players something fresh, unique and fun. This should be the main goal of any game developer on the Facebook platform.