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A Film actor seems to be a job that many people desire. It is searched for often on Google and many people wait in anticipation for a good, solid answer to the question, "How do I become a movie actor?" While there is no guaranteed formula to break into the world of Hollywood acting, there are a few things you can do to have a better chance.

Gain Experience

I truly cannot express how important this is. How can you be good at something if you are not currently practicing at it? You have never "arrived" at being a great actor; there is always something to be learned.

How can you find experience? All over the place! You don't necessarily get to start out with the biggest productions or with the top-leading parts. Just find a place that will help give you experience to add to your resume. The more experience you have, the better a chance for exposure to the right people and the right circumstances.

1. First, I'd say that you should look into taking a few acting classes. You may think that you already know how to act and that you could pull off any old script with ease, however it is always good to learn more. On top of that, taking classes can change the way you look at different roles and characters. You can learn a lot from the instructors, who are generally professional actors who have a lot of previous experience. Along with this, you also get to network with other actors which could help you land an audition or a meeting with someone down the road.

2. After taking a few classes, your next step would be to find your closest play or musical theater and call and inquire about upcoming auditions. Audition audition audition! Even if you aren't called back for a part, you have the experience of auditioning to walk away with. Callbacks occur when directors like what they see in your audition and are interested in possibly casting you. Just remember, there are thousands upon thousands of actors who audition for parts on a daily basis. Because of the steep level of competition, most actors don't get a majority of the parts that they audition for. Don't take rejections personally, but move on and keep persevering.

3. Next, when you have a little bit of experience under your belt, I'd suggest looking into auditioning for student films. These are films that many college students need to make before they graduate. However, all student films aren't equal. Some students are very professional and have a large budget to work with when it comes to student films. Others can be very low budget or low quality and are mediocre at best. Be sure to try and get a sense of how those in charge of the film you're auditioning for appear. If they seem professional and organized, it will probably be a great experience. However, you can probably guess what it would be like with people who are not necessarily as organized. I would suggest a site like to find these auditions. Or contact a local college and ask about student film auditions. Most student films give you credit and a copy for being in their film, however don't expect to be paid for your work (this is actually a very good trade-off though).

4. Another thing that I would suggest doing is to grab a few friends and make a movie yourselves! Find a video camera or even use your cell-phone's camcorder. There is a lot of relatively simple software out there that you can use to edit your videos. This movie-making experience gives you a chance to understand what it's like to write a script, shoot a film, and also to act. That's a win, win. Along with creating your own movies, you can film yourselves performing monologues as well. Monologues are very tricky, and practicing them a lot might give you an edge in the auditioning world.

There really is no limit as to the amount of experience you can gain from just continuously How To Become a Movie Actor(127643)Credit: Public Domainpursuing ways to learn and grow as an actor. Many believe acting is easy, when in reality, it takes more practice than what most people realize. Keep honing your skills and looking for ways to gain experience and you will be on the right track to becoming a movie actor.

Please let me know if any of these suggestions helped you, or if there is anything that you believe I did not cover. Thank you!