Writing articles is a lucrative way to make money online, it's a fact.

Other people can write 30 articles a day continuous and with ease.

Maybe you are wondering why other people can write 30 articles a day or even more while you can barely finish your first article. You know you have the desire to write and have the ideas to write about but you are trapped on your first paragraph and can’t even move on to the next. There are no hardcore secrets in writing but there are great tips that you had probably missed out.

Writing articles is a lucrative way to make money online, it’s a fact. A lot of people make a living from it or do it part-time. It is free, easy and legitimate way to earn while enjoying your other activities. You can combine it with your day job with no problems. You can write at any place, any time and for any topic possible. But what are the things that are keeping you trapped?  You must breakdown the things that hinder you to write in a smooth flow.

Other people can write 30 articles a day continuous and with ease. Their secret is very doable to normal people like you and me. By the way, I am timing myself while writing this article to prove that it’s really doable to write 30 articles a day for part-time income or full-time if you wish. Average writer can write 10 articles a day but a super article writer can find time to write 30 articles or more. But before telling you the doable tips, you must know what the importances of article writing are so you can feel the encouragement to continuously increase the number of your write ups.

Article Marketing focuses on article writing as a free and effective mean to promote a website or a blog. It’s usually written in a minimum of 400 words and submitted to high traffic article directories. You usually put a back link in your article so readers who are hungry for more information can go to your website. It’s a great way of increasing your website traffic and find quality leads. With your quality leads, your website performance will increase and you income too.

Writing articles for individuals who do not want to start a website can make money through revenue sharing. Usually third party giant companies like Google, Amazon, Chikita and more benefit from this revenue sharing platform. You write as many articles, sky is the limit then watch as your income grow in those third party sites. That means those articles you submit to websites that accepts revenue sharing will promote your articles but they will take a portion of your Google, Amazon or Chikita income. This is a win-win situation because the website is knowledgeable in advertising while you write to make their website grow. You will be compensated by getting the biggest portion of revenues in those third party sites.

Now that you already know the top most reason of article writing is about earning money, you need to know now how to perform your task better to generate more money. In writing articles, you don’t need to focus on 100% quality, although you need to submit acceptable articles. Don’t force yourself to write to impress instead focus on writing your thoughts and shake off all the expectations. Online writers that are considered winners are those individuals who have the most numbers of articles. Sad but true, article writing is about quantity over quality. The quickest and the highest number of articles you can write and submit, the more income you can receive.

Another tip, do not write for topics that you don’t know because even if you squeeze your brains out, the thoughts will not come out. Please don’t think that you don’t know about anything because that would sound too impossible. Ask yourself, what you know best? Do you know of any job? What are your hobbies? Even if you write on simple topics about nails or papers, it’s guaranteed that there are millions of people who are looking for information about it. So write about it and watch as your ideas flow smoothly through writing.

Write with no distractions. Don’t feel conscious about those wrong grammars and misspelled words. Let it be, just write in one direction and refrain from back tracking to copy read you work. Do it later. One man cannot serve two masters at the same time; do you remember this timeless saying? You cannot write and copy read at the same time; it’s just counter-productive. Write first, let out all the ideas and form sentences out of it until you reached the minimum word requirements or until you finish your article. Then come back to read, copy read and edit. This is very effective tip because you are not designed to multi-task but designed to be a productive individual. By the way, I spent 10 minutes for this article and right away start a new one.