Xomba WebsiteNever heard of Xomba? Well, Xomba is not necessarily the newbie on the block. This website has been around for awhile now and many writers are starting to realize how much this website can become a huge benefit for them. Not only are you able to create backlinks on Xomba, but you are also able to earn money with Google Adsense! Sounds like a writer's dream come true right? Before you run and sign up for Xomba, I would like to give you a bit of background information and tips to how to become a successful "Xombie".

What in the World is Xomba?

Xomba is an online community that allows you to write, comment, share, make friends, and get paid for your efforts. On this website, you are paid through Google Adsense (you receive 50% of advertising revenue). In other words, if people click on the advertisements that are displayed on the articles that you write, you will receive 50% of the revenue. Not too bad!

How Do I Start Making Money on Xomba?

The first thing you must do is sign up. After the sign up process, you should input your Google Adsense account information so you can begin earning money. If you do not have a Google Adsense account, you can create a free Blogger account and sign up for Adsense using that. If you choose to use a Blogger account, Google has to approve your Blogger website before you are approved for the program. Usually with a Blogger website with one or two posts, you can easily get approved for Google Adsense. The approval process usually takes a day or two. Once you are approved, you will be able to add your Adsense account to Xomba in the edit menu.

What Types of Content Can I Create on Xomba?

There are two main types of content that you can create on Xomba. One type is called Xombytes. With Xombytes, you must write an original article that is at least 150 words. I would suggest writing about 300-400 words to get indexed by the Google search engines. With Xombytes, you can also add images and links. The second type of content that you can create is called Xomblurbs. Xomblurbs are easier to write and does not take much effort. With Xomblurbs you write a description or summary to an article, website, blog, or video and post the link to that article. With this type of content, your description/summary should be at least 50 words but no more than 150. Think of Xomblurbs as short social bookmarks that link to something interesting on the web.

How Can I Optimize My Xomba Earnings?

Xomba has a great referral program where you are able to receive 10% of your referral's earnings. Do not worry, your share will not be taken out of your referral's earnings. Xomba will give you your percentage. If you are able to refer many people to Xomba using your referral link, I advise you to promote some of their Xomblurbs and Xombytes also. That way, they will receive more page views and hopefully more clicks.

Is Xomba Worth It?

I believe that Xomba is definitely worth the time. You must understand that Xomba is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to actually build up a following that will lead to a significant amount of page views. If you do join, I advise you to write at least 2-3 Xombytes or Xomblurbs a day. If you are persistent with this, you will soon begin to see a steady amount of income per day.

So what are you waiting for? Join Xomba today!