Most of us using the AdSense programme on our Blogs and Websites are simply happy to have been accepted (I think they make you wait 2 weeks on purpose) and to have the opportunity to make a few extra bucks while doing something we love and would probably do anyway.We copy the Ad code and paste it onto our sites, on Blogger you can add Ads with one click and dont need to use any code - and if we do eventually reach the Payment level thats Great.

When i first received a cheque from AdSense it was like earning a Badge, it was something tangible i could touch it.Yes i could look at stats that tell me people were coming to the blog but that is all on a screen the cheque almost wasn't about the money it was bigger than that.Don't get me wrong i didn't send them back the money !

Low Paying AdsenseOf course reaching the Payment threshold is not easy and there are no 'Easy Formulas' or 'Amazing Techniques' but there are ways you can speed up the process.I'm not talking about pulling charts and stats from Google Analytics and running them through the computers in your Laboratory to create a static synopsis of the variables within...That stuff makes no sense to me either.

Im talking about simple tips like ad placement and design and even within the AdSense help center you can pick up some nice tricks.

Low Paying Ads.

A recent article i found (The article is from May 2009 but i found it recently) showed how to block low paying ads from being displayed on your blog or website, it was something i had heard of before and considered doing but at the time decided against it.

In your AdSense account you can use the 'Competitive Ad Filter' to block ads you don't want on your site.As the name suggests this was created to give you the option to block ads from similar sites being displayed.If you have a blog about Cats you might not want ads for other blogs about Cats displayed.

But you can also use the Competitive Ad Filter block to low paying ads.

There are even websites that have a community of AdSense publishers who report the ads they found to be 'Made For AdSense' and 'Low Cost Per Click' and these sites list the most reported ads so you can also block them.

Two Sides To Every Story.

The original article on blocking low paying ads is from Online Quest and explains how you can check the Ads on your site.Or like me you can take the easy route and check out one of the sites showing a list of low paying ads like Ads Black List.

However there are always two sides to a story and i found an Article from AdMoolah telling us not to block low paying ads.

What will i do ?

I have decided to try blocking the top 5 ranking ads (The 5 lowest paying) on 'Ads black list' and see does it make any difference, if i notice no difference after a week or two i can easily switch back.

What will you do ?