How to blog intelligently

What is blog: Anyone can start writing a blog but not everyone knows how to write a blog which is effective and can gather a lot of traffic. When I started writing my blog two years back, readers didn't care to read the content or post comment on the blog.

Though I am not the best blogger and there is a lot of scope to improve upon I have discovered some formulas which can make your blog a big hit. And the first formula is to forget all those writing techniques that you read during your school and college days. You are not here to write your exam paper but you are going to do direct conversation with your readers through your blog. So write the blog as if you are in a direct conversation with somebody and don't just go on serving latest news to them.

Second formula to gather a lot of traffic is to understand the pschycology of the reader and go ahead by answering their queries step by step, as if a father is holding the hand of his son and walking step by step in a long journey. Once you develop this skill to perceive reader's pschycology and developing your conversation according to that, you can write an effective blog and can enter into the goldmine of blog-writing. Does it sound something absurd when I say you can earn money from your blog! If this is the case there is a reason for you to cheer up because it is true.

Business Blog and outsourcing blog writing: With Globalization and Internet, business blog has become an indispensable part of marketing strategy for companies who want to have a web presence. Business blog has emerged as the most effective tool to reach their potential customers and get added web traffic across the globe. Emergence of business blog has paved the path of a new aspect of outsourcing and that is outsourcing blog writing. Most of the company owners who are devoid of required technical skill set to promote their products online use to outsource blog writing from an expert blogger.

So, if you are passionate about writing, then blogging is the best way to show your creativity to the world. Writing blog not only give you a satisfaction but is also the most convenient way to make money as lots of companies out there who use to outsource blog writing from experts. Only thing you need to have is zeal for writing.