Some people like to read when they are sitting on the toilet. Others like to simply get there business done as quick as possible and get out.

Reading is one of the things that all great writers like to do. Reading is always encouraged by me regardless of where yuoread as long as you are not lying down on a busy road trying to read. If you could use some extra money each month maybe you should start utilizing your toilet time to blog.

You do not have to necessarily blog just when you are using the bathroom. You can blog from your cell phone whenever you have some downtime.

  • Riding in The Car
  • Waiting at the Doctors office
  • While you lay on the couch watching TV

Anytime you have some extra time and are away from you computer you can utilize you cell phone to blog. This blog will help you earn a tiny amount of additional Adsense earnings but more importantly will help you to drive some extra traffic to you InfoBarrel articles.

I do not have a smart phone. I have the Motorola I465 Clutch cell phone on Boost Mobiles unlimited text. Talk, and web plan. The I465 cell phone is limited and Boost Mobile further enhances items that it disallows on its phones. Although limited I can still drive some additional traffic from my toilet blog and this is how I plan too do it.

Motorola I465 Clutch

The I465 should be called the Crutch and not the Clutch. There are many limitations when using this cell phone. Many of the implementations are blocked by Boost Mobile. The benefits of using the I465 is that the phone has a full QWERTY keyboard.

After you purchase the I465 cell phone and activate it on the Boost Mobile network you will want to upgrade the browser. The default browser on the Boost Mobile I465 sucks. You can easily add Opera Mini as your browser. You can find easy to follow directions on How To Add Opera Mini to your I465 cell phone.

After you activate your phone on the Boost Mobile network it will take about 24-48 hours for you to get internet access.

While you are waiting for you internet to be activated you can go ahead and set up your new blog.

Blogger is owned by Google. You can easily set up a Blog and then connect you I465 cell phone too the blog. You can then post text and images from your phone too your blog. The I465 will only allow you too post images you took with you phone. If someone else sent you a pic too your phone you will not be able to upload these too your blog.

Once you have followed these directions on how to connect your cell phone to your Blog then you are set. Anytime you have some spare time you can use your I465 cell phone to make and sen Blog posts too your blog.

The I465 only allows you to enter in a certain amount of words so all of your blog posts will be short. Feel free to make a lot of short blog posts as opposed to 1 long blog post which the I465 is not able too do.

The main purpose of this type of Blog is to allow me to make blog posts to drive traffic to my InfoBarrel articles when I am away from my computer.

Blog Set Up

One of the first things you will want too do is use your computer to set up the Blogger Blog appropriately.

You will want to add a Gadget on your blog to display the RSS feed of your InfoBarrel articles. I placed this on the right side of my Blog at the top. I am displaying my InfoBarrel RSS feed in a prominent place so I can get more traffic to my InfoBarrel articles.

I also added the Google Analytics Code so I can easily track all of my visitors. I also added some Adsense ads.

You can not hyperlink words when posting to your blog using the I465 cell phone but visitors will be able to see your 5 most recent InfoBarrel article links because of the InfoBarrel RSS feed you added to your blog.

Regardless of how many blog posts you make from your I465 phone you can always edit you blog posts later using your computer. By editing you blog posts you can hyperlink words to your InfoBarrel article.

If you mention Las Vegas in a blog post you can later use your computer to change the words Las Vegas into a hyperlink that will point to an article you wrote on Las Vegas for InfoBarrel.

You can always tweak the colors and layout of your blog but if you are looking to drive extra traffic to you InfoBarrel articles then you will need to add the RSS feed of your InfoBarrel articles and display them "above the fold" where you 5 most current articles can be seen by visitors to you blog as well as clicked on.

In addition to the RSS feed of your 5 most current InfoBarrel articles you can also set up a link list composed of any of your InfoBarrel articles that you would like visitors to read.


This blog will not be a niche blog. It will be a lot of random posts from my I465 cell phone. I will edit the posts later using my computer to add hyperlinks to additional articles I have wrote for InfoBarrel. I expect to only make a $1 or 2 each month with the Adsense ads on my blog. The main purpose is to allow me to use my downtime when I am away from my computer to make blog posts to drive additional traffic to my InfoBarrel articles.

If you had a smart phone such as a Blackberry on a network other than Boost Mobile you could write articles on you cell phone and publish them on InfoBarrel. Since I can not afford that option right now I will use this method I have shared to help drive additional traffic to my InfoBarrel articles by blogging on my I465 cell phone. Even if I am sitting on the Kings Throne.