If you have already set your goal on wanting to study a law degree at university and are trying to think about what kind of relevant law extra curricular activities that you can participate in to hopefully increase the quality and strength of your UCAS application. Then this article might be able to provide you with some easy and simple law related ideas and activities that you might want to carry out and integrate into your UCAS application.

1) Have you thought about setting up a Law Society?

By setting up a law society you are demonstrating that you have a range of strong personal skills e.g. you are showing that you can organise and communicate well, whilst showing some confidence and initiative to carry out such a project. You can then go on to carry out activities within the law society that will actually enhance law related skills. For example you could start to construct mooting sessions at the law society, which will obviously add to understanding of how law procedures work etc.

2) Writing up Law Related Articles

You could think about setting up your own Law Blog or start publishing law related articles on sites such as InfoBarrel (which could earn you a fair some of cash on the side also). By stating that you like to write around topics that you have read about it shows not only you are in fact participating in wider reading but also that you are thinking about the points made within the reading and going on to develop them further with your own ideas or finding arguments from other sources that state different and conflicting opinions. Remember it doesn't just have to be about articles online, you could try and get your articles published into law magazines and media such as A Level Law also.

3) Study a Short Law Course Online

There are sites such as the open university that offer you law modules that you can undertake whilst carrying out your A levels, for example you could start studying the module 'Starting with Law'. It shows the university that you have a certain ability in law already as you are undertaking higher education level material already, as well as showing that you can study independently. This will also be beneficial to you as it will give you an insight and taster of things to come, unless you have studied it at A Level. I would check out other sites as well for online short courses such as Oxford University online, they offer courses like 'Critical Reading' that might be useful to you when carrying out a Law degree, not too bad to have the Oxford University brand name to mention on your application either.

4) Get some Law Related Work Experience

If you can gain some hands on experience in law this would be also be a pretty good feature to have in your application, mentioning that you managed to shadow a barrister or a solicitor could show a university that you are pretty serious about carrying out a law degree and it will obviously enhance your skills as an individual on a whole range of levels. My advice though is to start early (start now) in trying to secure volunteer and work placements, ring up and write to every local solicitor, get down to your local court and see how proceedings go etc. and if you have the guts ask a passing solicitor or judge ask them face to face, for some work experience. That would be pretty impressive to an admission interviewer if that little story manages to come up.

5) The AQA Extended Project

If you don't know about the extended project qualification, make sure you do some reading about it. Here you have the chance to aim your entire project to an area in law that you are interested in and get up to 70 UCAS points for it. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate to a university your ability in law if you manage to hit the top grades, whilst allowing you to elaborate what skills you have developed from carrying it out as well.

Tip: To find out more ideas and activities that you could carry out I would head over to forums such as 'the student room' where students share the type of things they are getting up to, to improve their UCAS application. Also be sure to check out books like 'Progression to Law: Right course? Right Career?' and 'Getting into Law'.

Hopefully I have provided you with at least some kind of idea for your law extra curricular activities to carry out.