If you need reminding why you need to brand please click here.

The principal idea is to differentiate yourself from the rest of the writers here on InfoBarrel.

In this article I am going to explain how you can do that within the realms of InfoBarrel (you can also brand yourself for InfoBarrel outside of InfoBarrel with a blog etc.) this article is aimed at how you can brand your content on InfoBarrel.


Your article is probably the most important area for branding of all.

As this is where you have the most power within InfoBarrel to define yourself.

First look at the design of your content.

You need to be different, most articles on InfoBarrel are the same and I am sure you will agree.

They usually share the common features listed below:

  • The font color is black - Feature more colors in your article?
  • The font style is the same - Use a different font?
  • The layout - Start with a video and end with a video?
  • There are no images - Add Images?
  • There are no videos - Add videos?
  • There are paragraphs - One sentence paragraphs?
  • The list goes on ....

Now I am not saying you have to change all these features, just some.

In fact the only real unique feature that everyone has is their writing style, but this is hard to replicate throughout all your articles.

Remember however when you are creating your new 'brand' design for your articles bare in mind the article I wrote on why content isn't king: design is.  That notes 10 points to consider when building up trust with your brand.

As said above 'The real trick is to stand out'.

Present your content in a whole new unqiue way:

So if everyone is writing, make your content more based around videos and images.

And if everyone is making their content around videos and images, you write.

As said in the article six reasons to brand your InfoBarrel account, you need to be consitent (in order to create familiarity) with the design of the article and also make it memorable.


If you do something that adds value to your content keep it up.

An example of this ... people love experiment results and referencing the test to back up a point you made.

Well do just that!

I aim to try and make a point with the article, then  justify the point made by results in an experiment  and then go on from there. (The reference to the experiment is the feature).

But this doesn't have to be just experiments, it can be anything from famous quotes to bar graphs.

Just be sure to feature it in most of your articles, if you check my diary Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day Four - you will notice a 'feature' of what I've learnt for the day, what is my favorite article of the day etc.

This is exactly what I'm talking about!

If it's something people respond positively to and then learn that they can expect this feature in future articles you will cwrite then they are likely to continue reading your  new content.

Give the readers something they can always expect!