Broken Lock

Something that happens to every other person at least once or twice in life is forgetting keys and realizing it only after locking the door, or when some how you have lost the keys while being in a hurry, dropped them somewhere and don't know where. This situation is really the one from which everyone have gone through and this is one of most irritating moments in life too. Just imagine you come back home tired and when you put your hand in your pocket or bag, to take the key out you realize that you don't have one.

Well this may even happen when you are in your home and accidentally somehow the door of your room gets locked or sometimes even kids lock themselves up in washrooms and than there is no way out than to break the door. So it's proven that it is necessary for every one to learn different ways through which you can break the lock in the time of need. You need to learn all these ways as you can try other methods, if one doesn't work. Here are certain ways you can break into a door.

Kick In Through The Door

When you have a door locked it is easily breakable with a good kick of yours. It can be effective if you have strong legs. You just need to kick into the right place and you will be able to break the lock after no more than three or four hits. A good place to kick is, at the place where the lock is. However, if you are not that muscular than you might hurt yourself in kicking the door. It would be better if you get a stud to help you.

Lock Picking

Lock Picking

This is a nasty option, but can be really feasible if the door lock is not a secure one and if you have got some good lock picking skills. If you hire some lock expert then surely this is the first option he will try before exploring other options. But if you want to do it yourself you can try out some old keys of the same type of lock along with other pins.

Breaking The Door lock

If your door has a padlock or Yale lock on it, then you can try and break the lock using the following methods.

Break The Lock Using A Hammer

The first and the easiest way to break a lock is that you break it by using a hammer. If you don't want to get tired by hitting it over the padlock again and again you would need to get a strong hammer as usually padlocks are concrete ones. So if you have a bigger hammer; it will really decrease your own effort. Be careful while using the hammer over the lock and don't get your other


hand hurt by hitting it with hammer instead of padlock.

Break The Lock Using A Hacksaw

The Next way is using a hacksaw. But again you need it to be a little bigger and stronger. Small saw, having a thin gauge is not going to work at all. This method is also actually meant for padlocks; because there is metal link in these locks that you can cut through hacksaw. If you need to cut more than one locks than you would definite need more and good blades because one blade won't work enough to get you rid of all those locks that are ahead.

Breaking The Door Lock Using A Drill Machine

Lets now look into more complicated and secured Yale door locks. These are the lDrill Machineocks that have a very complex structure as compared to other locks and are difficult to pick or break. So now get a drill machine and place its pin into the keyhole at the place of its broad opening. Now turn on the machine and try to cut through the locking mechanism. Actually as there are many channels in the lock too so when the drill will go into it; it's going to make the pins go away from each other. When the pins will go distant your door will be unlocked and will break your lock too.

So now you have got some ways to break into a door and in time of need I hope your problem gets solved using any of these methods. But for the next time be careful before you forget your keys at home.