If you feel your life is to hum-drum, then its time for a change. Its time to mix-it-up a little, and have some fun. If your bored with your typical daily routine, then you owe it to yourself to try something new. Many of us do the same old boring routine day after day without giving it much thought. Then things start to get really dull and mundane, going the same places doing the same things. We are all creature's of habit, we can start acting robotic.

Well its time to live a little, make some baby steps at changing a boring routine. If you eat a turkey melt for lunch everyday, which hopefully you don't , just saying.. but if you do. Its time for, and this may be a long shot,but a chicken salad sandwich. I know you may feel uncomfortable changing your routine lunch item but, its for your own good you deserve it. So step away from the turkey melt, and come over to chicken salad.. that's right don't be afraid of the chicken.

If you shop at the same store week after week, day after day then go for the gusto! try a new store. Its easy just drive down the street to another store it wont hurt and, you just might like it. How do you know your not missing some really good deals at another store. Maybe the prices of your favorite brands are better. They may even have new products that you have never heard of, and didn't know you wanted.

If you have been taking the same route home day after day after day..... I'm going to sound really crazy now, its gonna sound really out-there but, try a new route home. If you try a new route home you may see some new scenery, new scenery that you like better. And you might discover its actually a short-cut to your home. Then you will be kicking yourself, saying "why didn't I try that sooner, man I could of been home sooner all that time".

If you've been rocking the same hairstyle since the 80's then please.... its time for something new. The deal is you may try a new dew and say "What? I should of tried this years ago" Of course whatever hairstyle you get today, may not have been around years ago but, it may have been but, you know where this is going, so be nice to yourself and try something new.

If you have been rolling in the same tired pair of jeans forever, then what are you doing? Get to your favorite clothing store, a new clothing store.....and get yourself some new awesome jeans. Something that's exciting, fabulous, and sensational. Well you know what's up, get some cute jeans. The time has come to try something new. If you didn't want to try something new, you would not be reading this article.. so you owe it to yourself to try something new.

Listen, if you have been wearing the same old glasses far to long, worse if its been three years since your last eye exam... then OMG go get an eye exam, remember your eyes are important, don't put it off. Get some new designer glasses, or better maybe contacts. If you try something new, you will be looking sharp in no time. Remember life can get too routine, so don't forget to try something new.