19 Ways To Bring Traffic To Your Sites

For most marketers or local businesses who are keen to gain exposure to their sites, products or services, one key factor to achieving success and making money online is to be able to generate consistent (and preferably increasing) traffic.

But in today's context, it's not as simple as visiting a few forums or being active on social media sites - these may bring in a fair bit of traffic but you will be definitely missing out on a few good resources and strategies that will help to improve the situation!

To help you build up your Traffic, here is a good list of strategies (exact method of applying is not listed) for you to start taking advantage of:

#1 Ad Swap

Take advantage of Ad Swap where you get to engage publishers to agree to run each other's Ad(s) at no charge. To help you strike out a good deal, you must discuss and agree on each other's terms like: placement, size of list, quality of list, reputation and authority.

#2 Google Adwords

A Paid Advertising Method and still very relevant in today's context. It's also a great marketplace because you get to tap on different marketing campaigns like Video Ads, Demographic Targeting and more!

#3 Article Marketing

Write up a few different but related articles with direct links on it linking back to your business, product or services and sites. Post them up to sites like EzineArticles, Article Directories, Web 2.0 sites like InfoBarrel, HubPages and Squidoo.

#4 Blogging

Be your own authority voice on your Blogs or become a Guest Blogger on related Blogs. It's a fact that Search Engines like Blog Contents and tend to rank them high in the Search Results.

#5 Craigslist

Craigslist is still a top rated network for online communities and this site is widely sought after for their Free Online Classified Advertisement Section. This is also a site that has over a billion page views per month thus it's relevant for you to run some advertisements on this site.

#6 Email Marketing

Build up a list of readers and you will have people who you can email for updates and generate traffic from. Build up a list of ready buyers and you can email when there's a new product/service release. In terms of making money, this will definitely be a fast move but the key point in having a good list is on how you manage them and the type of email content (value based or just plan sales emails) that you are sending.

#7 Expert Interview

Interview people who have been successful in your industry and have the interviews delivered through a PodCast, a blog post or on a PDF. Complete the process by doing a shout out on relevant sites.

#8 Facebook

Facebook is evolving and this site is building and encouraging interaction at a wide scale. You do not have to depend on friends or people you need to know to get exposure. Build up a FanPage, be responsive and you can just build a fanbase for your business.

#9 Forum Marketing

An age-old marketing method (similar to Article Marketing) but still relevant as well. Be a frequent participant - ask questions, offer suggestions and solutions and don't be a spammer (providing just one liner reply to get exposure to your forum signature)

#10 Joint Ventures

Quite similar to Ad Swap but you will be doing more because you will be striking out a business deal with other marketers in an exchange for some rewards, e.g. commissions. The benefits from such Joint Ventures are many and can include helping you to recruit more affiliates, build up your list or to promote and sell your products and services.

#11 Link Exchange

Participate in a link exchange community where members will help to promote each other's sites through a banner or a simple hyperlink.

#12 Online Giveaway

Online Giveaways are getting popular in recent years where marketers are invited to join and encouraged to give away one of their products in exchange to build up their mailing list and at the same time increase exposure - letting others know of your existence in that particular niche.

#13 Safelist

Safelist is one form of email marketing and advertising and is usually set up by a community. Members belonging to that community agree to receive each other's emails.

#14 SEO

A skill that you may wish to take up or have external agencies to take care for you. SEO is where you learn how search engines behave in returning search results and how they treat your content. In return, you will structure your site and content in favor of getting higher search rankings.

#15 Solo Ads

Solo Ads are paid services whereby you need to pay someone to email your promotion (a direct link to a product or to a squeeze page) to their lists. If you have seen emails that have listed down some form of a Sponsor Ads or quick shout out - you are seeing Solo Ads in action.

#16 Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchange are not dead but if you are running Google Adsense on your sites, do not take part on these Traffic Exchanges - your Adsense account will be deleted according to their TOS. Traffic Exchanges work in a way that you spend a few seconds viewing some other people's sites and in exchange they do the same to your listed site.

#17 Twitter Marketing

Similar to building a Fanbase on Facebook, you will need to learn how to build up a list of Followers and how to manage them so that they will click on your links or retweet your messages.

#18 Video Marketing

Turning your Text and Print Ads into Videos and have them uploaded to prominent communities like Vimeo and YouTube is a good way to generate traffic.

#19 Media Buying

If you have seen those type of Super Bowl Ads, this is a form of Media Buying (Paid Media) and it is basically one way of placing and purchasing advertisements (e.g. Banner Ads) on prominent placement and on prominent sites.