Many are not so fortunate enough to have a beach near by. When it is sweltering hot out and the humidity is at it's peak, few things are more inviting than the beach. We have a lack of beach situation as well, so we improvised to have the beach at our feet anytime we or our children would like to have the beach close to home, without having to travel. It can fun for the children or for the whole family. You will not have to hop in the car or fill up your gas tank to enjoy the essence of the beach in your own back yard.

Things You Will Need


small wading pool


Step 1

beach beach

Go out into your yard, hopefully you have a fairly nice size lawn. No worries if you do not you can still make a beach for your children. Select a decent size area in your yard for your beach, it is not likely that you will have to mow this area again. If there is a large tree in your yard this will be a good spot to create your beach like area. Most of the time the base of a large tree does not have as much grass as you would see in the middle of the yard.

Step 2

Get a small wading pool that sits low to the ground, if you can get one the color of ocean water or the color of sand, this is even better. Put the pool in the beach location and fill with water. If you plan to create your beach space near a tree, then back your little wading pool up against the base or trunk of the tree. Placing your wading pool on an tilt will aide in covering it with sand later to create the beach feeling. Backing the beach pool up against a large tree is ideal for making a beach. The tree will provide shade for the kids.

Step 3

Spread out sand all over the ground, using enough to hide the edges of the wading pool. Sand will get into your pool, but you are simulating a beach atmosphere, so this is part of the plan to make it seem more like a real beach, so do not worry about the sand in the water area of the wading pool. Sand is always in the ocean at the beach.

Step 4

Fill your wading pool with water. The easiest way to do this is to use the garden hose. Set your garden hose on a setting that is not forceful enough to scatter your strategically place sand when filling your wading pool. If you do not have a hose, you can fill buckets of water in the bath tube or the kitchen sink and carry them out to your newly created beach in your back or side yard.

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