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If there is one thing that most people fear, then it has to be an appointment with the dentist. The mere mention of a dental appointment can quickly transform an otherwise well composed individual into a bunch of nerves and excuses. However, you can avoid most dental problems by observing proper oral hygiene.

While cleaning teeth may sound so basic, most people do not know how to brush their teeth properly. Proper oral care is an art, and one that can mean the difference between good and poor health. According to studies, brushing and flossing your teeth properly can actually extend your life by six to seven years. Thanks to proper brushing and flossing, you can rid your mouth of bacteria that cause various infections.

Here are seven key steps to proper dental are.

1. Get the right toothbrush

The toothbrush should be comfortable enough to fit into your mouth without bruising your gums while brushing. It makes no difference using an electric or manual toothbrush as long as you are able to clean your teeth and mouth properly. Pay attention to the bristle size while choosing your toothbrush. Small children as well as people with sensitive teeth should use soft bristles to avoid bruising the sensitive gums. However, the bristles should be sturdy enough to remove the plaque and food particles that are stuck between the teeth. Bottom line, ensure that the brush is not too hard to irritate the gum or damage your enamel.

2. Get your toothpaste

Place a dime size squirt of your preferred toothpaste on your brush. This amount is good enough to do the job, so you do not need any more. It is recommended that you use fluoride toothpaste.

3. Brush up and down

Starting with the front teeth, brush in an up and down motion all through. Ensure that you brush all your teeth this way for no less than two minutes.

4. Brush from side to side

Keep brushing your teeth; however, do so in with a side to side motion this time round. Do this for about one minute.

5. Brush the backs and tops of your teeth

Most folks forget to brush the backs and tops of their teeth. However, you need to know that much of the plaque accumulate in these spots, hence you should brush them daily to remove bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay. In addition, remember to brush the bottoms of your teeth too.

6. Rinse and floss

Once you are through, be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly. Again, floss between each tooth thoroughly. It is important that you reach for the teeth at the back of your mouth too.

7. Mouthwash

After flossing your teeth, use the mouthwash to rinse your mouth. This is meant to remove the loose particles that have been dislodged during flossing.

It is crucial that you learn proper oral care in order to avoid developing conditions such as gingivitis and tooth decay. Remember, poor brushing technique can cause abrasions on your teeth. In fact, studies indicate that the toothbrush is the number one cause of teeth abrasion. The delicate gum tissue can also be at the risk of damage from the toothbrush, resulting in exposed root, which causes teeth sensitivity. However, with these seven steps, you should learn how to brush your teeth properly and avoid unnecessary dates with the dentist.