Why Is It So Hard?

Death By Component Overload

If you've ever attempted to build your own computer, you know that it is a long, relentless, tiring, and tortuous process of research. There are an infinite number of computer components to choose from, not to mention thousands of blogs and forums you can take advice from. 

Even if you do get around to choosing a part, you have to find out where the best places are to find that part for as cheap as possible. 

Lets assume that you've managed the incredible feat of choosing each part that meets your specific needs. Do you know if they are compatible with each other? 

If you're still reading this, that means that you've been there before, or your fascinated by the suffering of others (that's a joke). Either way, this article is for you. Read on to discover all the other ways that building a computer is so hard for most people. 

Death By Information Overload

If you need a computer specifically for gaming, or a multi-media computer, or a high performance video editing computer, there a number of places to get information about what kind of parts go into such a machine. 

By 'number of places' I mean that there exists so many forums, articles, blogs, and newsletters that it's not likely you'll be able to decide who to trust unless you know a thing or two about computers. It's just too much for the average person. 

Even for geeks like me who love to filter through all the data, it gets overwhelming. 

When you depend on your PC for your work, hobby, or studies, you want one that's going to last and do what you tell it to do. Most people who absolutely depend on their computer for work or some other activity, need a computer that is especially dependable and high-performing. There are four ways to get such a computer:

1.) Spend a lot of money on a pre-build machine from a standard manufacturer

2.) Spend even more money on a custom-built machine from a custom manufacturer

3.) Spend a lot of time researching what you need to build it yourself. 

4.) Give up on number 3, and proceed to spending a lot of money on number 1 or number 2. 

Most of us don't have $4,000 to drop on a custom computer, or even $2,500 on a standard manufacturers pre built machine. 

We also don't want to risk all the time it would take to build it ourselves, or worse, to take all the time to build it and then ultimately fail. 

It is also worth mentioning that building your own PC only saves you a significant amount of money when you are building a high end performance computer. If you are building a budget computer, you're not going to save much money. Make sure that if you want to build a budget computer that you are doing it for the experience and the bragging rights and not for the money.  

These are the primary things holding you back from achieving computer building independence. Luckily for you, I found a website online that solves all of that without breaking the bank. 

How Can It Be Easier?

Computer Jacker to the Rescue

I found Computer Jacker while I was just wasting away time at work surfing the internet. It is, in my opinion, a revolutionary online computer company that has finally solved the computer building problem. 

Right now there are three kinds of sites online for building your own computer (with variations to each):

1.) Sites that tell you how to do the research and where to buy the parts.

2.) Sites that do the research for you and tell you where to buy the parts or provide links to the parts.

3.) Sites that do the research for you, tell you where to buy the parts or provide links to the parts, and provide a text-based instructional guide.

If you are observant, you will see what is missing here. 

1.) None of these sites give you the opportunity to buy all the parts in a single place. That means that you have to enter your credit card information on multiple sites and hope you didn't forget anything. 

2.) None of them have a solid, bullet proof method of guiding you through the intricate process that is building a computer. Text based guides are useful only to advanced beginners or intermediate computer builders. It's not going to do anything for the absolute beginner builder. 

3.) Not one of them provides videos for what they are recommending. They only point to similar videos on the topic. The parts that the video is working with may be different. 

For the sake of accuracy, I should also say that there are companies that you can buy a 'kit' from, but they aren't very custom and the instructions are minimal.

Computer Jacker solves these problems by providing a one-stop shopping cart for your computer build. It's a kit, but better.

They do all the research for you, then they find where to buy the best parts for the best prices. They then give you a single click shopping cart that you can check-out with and have parts shipped to you from multiple vendors. 

Not only do they make getting the parts easier, they also make building it a cinch. They give you in-depth instructional videos on how to put that very same computer together. The same parts, the same vendors, the same process. 

If that wasn't enough, they test the computers performance for you and put it up on their site for everyone to see. That way, if you are buying a computer build directly from them, you know exactly what you are getting. 

To summarize, there are many ways of getting a computer that fits your needs and will give you high quality performance:

1.) The standard manufacturer way

2.) The custom builder way

3.) The build it yourself way

4.) The Computer Jacker way