The rocket stove is something everybody should know how to build for emergency scenarios

A rocket stove is a very efficient stove that burns sticks of wood that is small in diameter. It is an extremely productive wood-burning cooker which can be made out of basic materials found around the house, and by someone without any special skills or know-how. A few tin cans’ can be used to make a great rocket stove. Most people have a few tin cans around the house, or in their emergency supply kit.



* #10 steel can

* 3 steel soup cans

* Welder

* Vermiculite

* 1 Aluminum pie pan


Rocket StoveCredit: hardworkinghippy

To build a rocket stove, start by finding the largest tin can that you can find. A #10 steel can will work fine for this project and will become the body of the rocket stove. Start by cutting a hole into the side of the #10 can toward the bottom the same diameter of the smaller soup steel can.

Take the three soup cans and cut the tops and bottoms off to make three tubes. Now cut two of the smaller soup tin cans at a 45° angle. Weld these two cans together to form an elbow. Now weld the third soup can to one of the cans on the newly formed elbow. The result should look like an L.

For the next step, put the L pipe into the #10 can and stick it through the hole. Look at the top of the #10 and make sure the L pipe doesn’t reach the top. If the L pipe is taller than cut some of it off until it is even with the #10. Once this is done, weld the L pipe in place.

Zoom Dura Rocket StoveCredit: Amazon

Zoom Dura Rocket Stove

Now cut some v slots into both the #10 can and the L pipe. This is done to allow the exhaust fumes to escape from the rocket stove. The V groves should be around a half-inch deep.

The next step is to fill the space between the two with insulation. You can use a variety of different types of insulation such as ash, vermiculite, or even plain rocks. Fill up the stove to roughly a half of an inch to the top. Make sure your insulation material is packed tight. Do not fill up the L pipe during this procedure.

 Using the aluminum pie pan, measure the diameters of the L pipe and the #10 can onto the pie pan. Cut the pie pan so that you have a ring left. Now place this ring between the L pipe and the can, this is a lid to keep the insulation from falling out. Secure the ring in place by screwing it to the stove.

StoveTec Deluxe 1 Door Rocket Stove (Wood & Biomass Fuel Options)Credit: Amazon

StoveTec Deluxe 1 Door Rocket Stove In Action

With the next step you need to make a try to lay the sticks on when they burn. Make this tray as wide as the L pipe is at its widest diameter. When you cut this tray to size, be careful to cut all of the sharp edges off and make them smooth so that people using the rocket stove don’t cut themselves when they are using the stove.

Once you have finished the rocket stove, you need to test it before taking it camping with you. Take it outside and put the tray into the side of the L pipe. Light some sticks on fire at one end of the sticks. Now place the burning ends of the sticks on the tray inside the rocket stove. Place a pot of water on top and let it come to a boil. If everything holds together then the rocket stove is ready for use.