Free Ways To Build My Email Marketing List

So you have been writing articles and making a little extra cash on InfobBarrel from the Adsense and Amazon products and you have heard of email marketing and list building as another way to make money online.  But how in the world do you do that with InfoBarrel?

Since you don’t own or run the InfoBarrel site, putting the traditional opt in form on the site is out of the question.  So how are you going to do it then? Well, I don’t claim to be an expert at doing this but I have found a way you can experiment with building an email list and do it completely free.

There is a free email marketing service called MailChimp that is similar to the popular Aweber service.  It is free if you have less than 2000 subscribers and send out less than 12000 emails a month.  This is a good way to get started without having to shell out any money.  If it works good for you and you are making money, then it is no big deal to move to the paid services.

First thing you want to do is sign up for a free account at MailChimp.

Now that you have an account, you can design opt in forms and the thank you emails, etc.  They have lots of videos to explain how to do this on their site.

Ok, now how is that going to help you if you can’t put an opt in form on InfoBarrel? Well here how you do it.  In LIST area, there is a Create Forms tab. In the Create Forms tab is a Share It tab that has a HTML Link to Subscribe Form.  This is were your form lives online and you can link to this.

It looks like this

< a href="">Subscribe to our newsletter< /a>

You want to use the as the link to get to your form.

You are allowed to have two links in your InfoBarrel articles. So you could insert this as one of the  links or you could link in your signature. 

Ok, don't do that. I did and my article was denied.

"Unfortunately we have to deny this article as there is a call to action to have the visitor leave the site to visit your self serving links. In the article body we only allow contextual links to self serving links. If you want to suggest that a user visit one of your sites, please do so only in your signature."

So you want to write a catchy  signature and put your link to the MailChimp opt in page there.

Make sure you are giving people a reason to opt in to your list.  Give a free report, eBook, etc.

In my case, I have set mine up for this article to send people to the MailChimp opt in page.  Then it sends them to  ClickBank Page ( I could have used an Amazon page). When they confirm their email, I send them to a ClickBank page.  I grabbed some content on internet marketing to include on my final conformation email.   **** Make sure you alway give them what you said you would.

I don't want to be self serving, so I won't suggest you try my link to find out if it works.

The only way that this is going to work is to provide high quality content and then people will want to get more information from you.

This is one way to get started on building a list.  It may not be the best or the most efficient, but the price is sure right.