It may be true that at the end of the day, it is your character that's important. However, won't it be better if you are not only a good person, but good-looking too? After all, before anyone can get to know you, you should be noticed first; and nothing's more noticeable than a trim body. And in someone with a trim body, the first thing that catches anyone's eye is a well-developed chest. Now you might think that achieving a gorgeous physique is near impossible for you, what with the dismal results of the various techniques you've tried.

Do not be discouraged; it is highly likely that you are just putting your trust in the wrong approach. With the right program, you can build chest muscle fast and you'll be on your way to getting the body you want.

The most important step to build chest muscle fast is to be aware of what you are dealing with – that is, to have at least a basic idea of the muscle involved and the types of exercise that develop it. The chest, or pectoral muscle has four large muscle groups, each of which should be given attention if you want to have well-developed pecs.

There are basically three types of exercise that target the chest muscle: push-up, bench press, and flat bench flies. To get maximum results, incorporate three sets each of the three chest exercises into your workout routine. Remember to take note of the negative lifting part of your routine, too. By exerting effort into lowering or releasing the weights you are lifting, you are also developing your muscles.

Aside from the right type of exercise, you should also make it a point to rest if you want to build chest muscle fast. As with any muscle, overtraining can cause serious damage to your pecs. Avoid this by squeezing rest days in between your workout days to make way for muscle repair and recovery. If you don't give your muscles a time to heal, not only will they remain sore – causing damage to your body – but they will also not develop into the big muscles you have been dreaming about.

In essence, then, the best way to build and develop your pectoral muscles in the shortest time possible is not to launch into your workout too aggressively to the point that you are going too fast too soon, but to take your time. You'll see that this is the fastest way to achieve well-developed chest muscles.