How To Build Rustic Furniture:

Rustic Wood Furniture

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If you're looking for a furniture style that is totally unique, has personal touch, and will really stand out in your home, you might want to consider rustic wood furniture. It is a nice way to decorate your home, and you'll probably get a lot of questions about it. If you're interested in pieces like this, it might be worth your while to learn how to build rustic furniture, rather than rely on someone else to build it for you. It's a fun project that isn't super difficult, depending on the complexity of your piece. 

This article is all about how to build rustic furniture, and it will go over various functions of rustic wood furniture in the home and give you some ideas. We'll talk about the types of wood and the various styles that are popular, and hopefully get you started in trying to build rustic furniture yourself.

Let's get started and learn how to build rustic furniture!

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How To Build Rustic Furniture:

Types and Styles

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If you're wanting to learn how to build rustic furniture, you'll want to first learn about the various options available to you, or at least the most popular styles of rustic wood furniture. This style really doesn't have an exact formula: rustic wood furniture is basically any piece that is intentionally designed to look rough and handmade. This doesn't mean that it has to be of poor function and quality, it just means that it has to have a certain look of handmade charm. 

One of the most popular styles of rustic wood furniture is the use of whole logs, branches and tree limbs in the construction. Rather than split the wood into nicely shaped boards, these pieces are constructed of whole branches in an attempt to recreate a woodsy sort of feel. When learning how to build rustic furniture, this is one of the best and easiest places to start. If you live near a wooded area, you might want to start collecting interesting pieces to use in your new project. 

Another popular style of rustic wood furniture is the use of reclaimed wood furniture boards. These pieces will use fully finished timbers, but they are always made of recycled materials. Do you have an old barn or shed you are considering tearing down? Rather than take the scrap to the dump, you should consider using it to create rustic wood furniture. The weathered beams and rough finish will just add charm to your pieces. 

Lastly there are what I like to call 'composite pieces', which are created when you take two pieces and merge them together. You can mix and match the legs from chairs and tables, or simply attach two pieces together. Desks are great starting points for projects like these. If you're just learning how to build rustic furniture, this is a great place to start because the structure is already there, for the most part. 

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How To Build Rustic Furniture:

Starting Points

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If you're learning how to build rustic furniture, you'll want to get a good idea of furniture structure before you try to build something from scratch. I highly recommend one of two courses of action (or both, if you prefer). You can find an old piece that you don't like anymore, and take it apart. Remove each piece carefully, and note down how it was constructed. Then try to put it back together! This will give you a good understanding of how to put something together, so you don't mess up your rustic wood furniture on the first attempt. 

You can also modify an existing piece. If you're learning how to build rustic furniture, this is a good way to start too! Find a nice, solid piece of wood furniture, and remove panels, planks, legs, whatever you want. Then find appropriate replacement pieces in the style of rustic wood furniture, size them to fit properly, and attach them. In this way you can completely cover an old piece and breathe new life into it. 

You can also take a course on rustic wood furniture, or find a local artisan who might be willing to train you. Of course you'll need to be prepared to pay a bit for this, but once you have the basics you'll be able to work all by yourself. Rustic wood furniture isn't super complicated, and it frees you from the need to remove every imperfection and finish it perfectly. Little flaws are completely acceptable! 

How To Build Rustic Furniture:

Building Techniques and Tips

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A lot of rustic wood furniture can be build using similar principles as conventional wooden furniture, and you can adjust these methods fairly easily. I recommend pre-drilling your screws before you set the pieces together, because solid wood can be quite hard to put a screw into. Rustic wood furniture doesn't have to fit perfectly, so don't obsess about that too much. 

You can use a popular fitting technique for legs, poles and other joints by using tenons. This is where you whittle down the end of a pole to a smaller point, which can then be inserted into a hole drilled in the adjoining piece. This is a good method for gluing rustic wood furniture, and it will be quite sturdy.

If you're learning how to build rustic furniture, don't get too discouraged if your first project isn't perfect. Place it outside as a piece of patio furniture (because no one judges that stuff too harshly!) and start again on your next piece. Learning how to build rustic wood furniture is a process, and it can't be learned overnight. 

Good Luck!

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