So you’re an aspiring filmmaker feeling overwhelmed by everyone else who claims to be a filmmaker as well as that nagging pressure of everyone around you constantly telling you to get a real job?  Well, have no fear, I have come up with a one step system that will give you complete confidence in your ability as a filmmaker.  It’s so easy and simple even a mokey could follow it.1  All I recommend you do is watch a film titled, Slaughter Party.  That’s it!  After viewing this film2 your confidence as a filmmaker will grow exponentially!  I suggest you only watch it once though, as multiple viewings could cause your ego to grow to dangerous levels.  To explain a little more behind this confidence building system, I’ll fill you in with a little info behind the film Slaughter Party.Slaughter Party  Slaughter Party is a shot-on-video digital film made for a reported $1000.  It does contain actors that may be known to some such as adult film star Ron Jeremy, Adam Glasser ( another adult film star who goes by the clever name Seymore Butts), B horror film star Felissa Rose, Troma president Lloyd Kaufman, and others that may be recognizable.  The film is available on DVD through Netflix and is/was  available to watch on Netflix instant streaming.  How did they do it?  Obviously someone had some connections.3  Slaughter Party unfortuantely suffers from many problems, technical or otherwise, but that's great for YOU, the filmmaker looking to build his/her confidence.  While girls pretending they're enjoying a day at the beach when they’re clearly in the desert may be considered creative by some, it hurts the film I think, but luckily that's the least of this film's worries.  Where do I start?  Bad sound, bad visuals, and of course the acting is not great, but I can’t knock it for that too much as almost all films on this budget contains sub-par acting.  The director even uses a fake name for the credits!  The soundtrack is the one aspect of the film that is entertaining at times with songs about gravity bongs and wanting to work at McDonald’s. 

I'd like to stop and take a moment right now to say that if anyone who worked on this film is reading this, please don't be upset and rather think of this article as a well written promo piece for the film, which in turn will hopefully gain you more viewers.4 

So anyway, that’s it as far as building your confidence as a filmmaker, and if that doesn’t do it for you, well you can always wait until my first film comes out.  I’m sure it’ll be a huge confidence boost for everyone as well.5


Happy Confidence Building,

Jeremy Randall Johnston



Everyone has their share of bad movies they’ve seen.  Got any other suggestions that would help others boost their confidence as a filmmaker?  Let me know in the comments!



1.  Hey, monkeys have dreams too.

2.  At least that's what they call it.

3.  Remember, it's not what you know, it's who you b*#!.

4.  Which is ironic because viewers is the last thing this film needs.

5.  Except for anyone who worked on Slaughter Party.  For obvious reasons.