Our immune system is an important part of our body. It protects our body from many illnesses. We may not think about it but keeping it working well has a big affect on our overall health. Building our immune system can change the way our body feels as well as how often we get sick. It also can affect how easy or difficult it is to get rid of illnesses. Here are some easy methods to begin building it up.


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Building your immune system can make a big difference in your life. Taking the time to pay attention and do what's good for your body may benefit you for years to come.


Eating properly is one of the key components to an immune system that is working well. This means a well rounded amount of the proper food groups and very limited junk food. If you eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables per day, you won't even have room for the junk food. Begin substituting a serving of vegetables, like baby carrots, for your usual junk food.

Drinking water is important to flush out the things that we don't need. Toxins and chemicals inhibit our bodies from working properly. Water helps us feel refreshed as well. It also keeps us from eating or snacking when we should not. Try substituting water for other forms of drinks you are not using.

Vitamins- Since you don't always get all the nutrients you need in the foods you eat, vitamins can play a big part in helping to build up your system. Vitamin C is important for our white blood cell production which helps us fight against infection. Vitamin E helps produce cells that destroy germs. Taking a multi-vitamin daily will help enhance your immune system.

Herbs - Echinacea is an immune boosting herb. It should be taken as an on/off method. You can use Echinacea at the sign of illness for 10 days. If you use this herb continuously, you will become use to it and it will no longer be a benefit. For sore throats you can use the liquid form. Olive leaf herb can be a big benefit to building and maintaining your body if used regularly.

Exercise- Being healthy is all part of a body that is up to par and so it can help fight disease and illnesses. When we are not in shape, we will running slow and cannot fight illness properly. To build up it up start an exercise program.

Plenty of rest - Lack of sleep runs our body to the ground. This will not help your immune system work properly. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night will be sufficient to keep your body happy.

Avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking. Alcohol and smoking are not healthy things for our body as you know. These habits inhibit our immune system and break them down so that they can't work properly. If you must drink, do it moderately. Smoking should be eliminated if at all possible.