Staying Fit and Keeping Your Muscles Lean Part 4: Building Your Lower Back Muscles Core Without Weights – 2 Helpful Exercise Tips

Prior to doing your lower back exercise don’t forget to take 2 to 3 minutes to stretch your lower back and the rest of your body.

Here let’s focus on the third and final lower back muscle core know as Spinae Muscles.

Back Exercise 3 – Lower Back Crunches  

Place a towel and/or mat and face down lie on top of it. Your hands should be placed on top of your lower back and you can put one palm over the other and/or make a fist and cross your hands (some people prefer to extend their hands over their head so but I don’t recommend doing it this way). Your legs are to remain flat on the floor and do not move them upward. Your head should be straight and your eyes should be looking up when lifting your body from the floor. Lift your chest away from the floor (your eyes should look upwards when the chest is being lifted) while doing so breathe in and when realising your chest down breathe out. You should feel your abs stretching while at the same time your lower back muscles are being worked. Hold your position for 5 seconds when having your chest in the air and go down slowly by not touching the floor with your nose and/or head. Your head must be slightly off the floor.

Alternatively, lie face down on your bed. The edge of your bed should be separating your upper and lower body meaning that your legs should be on the bed while your upper body should be off the bed. The bottom of your stomach should be separating your upper and lower body. Your hands should be crossed and your palms should be touching your shoulders (right hand over left shoulder and left hand over right shoulder). Your upper body should be slightly of the floor. Your head is to be moved slightly upward and have your eyes looking up when pulling your upper body. You should find yourself in a 45 degree angle position. Breathe when pulling up, hold for 5 seconds and slowly breathe out when going down.  

Both exercises – off the floor and off the bed are to be practised every other day. Here are the steps to be followed: do 3 sets of 20-30 reps in your first and second week; do 3 sets of 40-50 reps in your third and fourth week; do 3 sets of 60-80 reps in your fifth and sixth week. Take 1 to 2 minutes break between your sets. After the second week of your exercise you should feel the difference and after each set of your lower back exercise, take less then 1 minute to stretch your lower back muscles.

Back Exercise 4 – Lower Back Jumping Squats   

This exercise focuses not only on your lower back but also works your abdominals as well as your lower body. Stand in a squatted position (as if you were to do squats with weights) and from this position jump into the air. Make sure your back is straight and keep your head straight as well by looking straight in front of you. You should jump high and when landing you should be back in a squatted position. Breathe in when you jump up and breathe out when you land. Do this exercise as follows: in your first 2 weeks do 3 sets of 20 reps; in your third and fourth week do 3 sets of 25-35 reps and in your fifth and sixth week do 40-45 reps.  

Additional tip for working out your calves while conducting jumping squats. You can as well work your calves by being in a squatted position lift your heels so that your feet will be the only ones holding your body and jump up and down from this position. You will feel your calves working in no time. Follow same sets of reps as mentioned above.