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Build Your Own Cheap GreenhouseFinding out how to build your own cheap greenhouse is not as hard as it seems. Yes there are very expensive ones that are available for you to buy in many garden centres and online parts you can have just as an effective greenhouse for a fraction of the cost.

You can do this by building your own greenhouse from cheap materials and you can even buy ready-made kits that are easy to assemble. Here are some factors to consider when thinking of how to build your own cheap greenhouse.

1) Think about how many plants you would like to grow and what sort of equipment you are going to have in your greenhouse. For example if you’re going to grow very small plants then you would need shelves and not too much space But if yoCheap Greenhouse Kits Home Depotu can grow larger plants then you may need tables for them to grow on. Also if you’re growing small vegetables and want to protect them in the winter then you may only need to build a very small greenhouse.

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2) You will also need to determine the type of climate you are in as this will also play a key factor in the type of greenhouse you build. If you live in a very hot country then you may need a design that protects the plants from bad weather like storms but does not keep heat in, or if you live in a cold windy country then you will need a strong frame that will not succumb to any heavy storms. 

3) Once you have decided what plants you are going to grow in your greenhouse then it is important that you consider the space that you have in your garden. It is also important to think about whereabouts in the garden it will be and whether or not you are going to need to build foundations.

4) There are different types of materials you can use and the most expensive being glass and a wooden frame. You could cut costs by using PVC as windows for your greenhouse and some even use PVC sheets that are even cheaper.

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5) You should also think about the budget that you have and what you are willing to spend on your greenhouse as this will effect what style and materials you use. If you are really on a budget then there are greenhouse kits which coupled with a easy to assemble frame and you simply attach a strong PVC plastic sheet over the whole frame to create your greenhouse. Within a couple of hours you can have one in your garden with plants in it.Cheap Greenhouse Materials

These are just a few tips on how to build your own cheap greenhouse; you can get free plans on the Internet if you are thinking of building yours from scratch. Also you can buy easy to put up greenhouse kits online as well. There are also many comparison sites that work in able you to compare the different types of greenhouses so that’s you can make a decision for one that best suits your garden.