How To Build a List To Profit:

I call it 'The List Profit Procedure': Here are the basic steps.

1) Create a 'Splash Page.' (aka a Landing Page) to Build Your List.

2) Decide which [Free] affiliate product you will give away on your 'Splash Page,' (only one).

3) Drive traffic to your 'Splash Page.'

4) Thank You page: Give a 2nd free product or service (that is an affiliate item) as a "bonus."

5) Thank you page: Offer them a free e-newsletter subscription & 2nd opt-in box. (this can be an affiliate item, you send them to another markets' e-newsletter sign-up, etc.)

1) Create a 'Splash Page' To Build Your List:

Create a 1-page website called a 'splash page' (aka landing page) to direct visitors toward to get a free report or ebook, so they will "opt-in" (sign their name & email address into a lil box there) . By using specific adcopy words to increase your "opt-in rate", you'll increase your sign-up rate, and your list starts growing. Google search for "How To Create a Splash Page" (use the Quotes) and it will offer you many choices to click on to learn how to do it. Choose a free resource.

Find a free product to give away that [also pays you a small affiliate commission]. Research the web to find one. (*) Type in "free products & affiliate" into Google as a search. Try it in Yahoo & MSN also.

2) Decide Which Free product To give Away On Your 'Splash Page':

In your online research you should come across various marketers' proposals to give away free ebooks, memberships, software, audio files, videos, etc. Most of these are a "teaser" to get a visitor to sign-up for the free service in the hopes they like the free product or service and will also sign-up for the free e-newsletter (if offered). The goal here is to win the trust of the visitor so they purchase a product or service eventually earning the marketer some income, which is the payoff for giving the free items.

TRICK: Many marketers' programs allow you to promote their free service or product [and pay you a small commission] to direct traffic to their 'splash page.' Isn't it great to offer your visitors an important report or ebook, software, audio file, or video on a subject (for free), that costs you nothing, and still earn some income to send them there? It's great as it serves 2 functions. Your subscribers think you're great for providing them something worthwhile for free, never knowing you are earning some income from each sign-up, as you continue building your 'list.'

3) Drive Traffic to Your 'Splash Page'

As you'll learn, the biggest challenge on the web is learning how to drive traffic to your site so visitors will sign-up to obtain the free product or service, software or audio file. Here are the main ways to drive traffic, time constraints prevent me from elaborating on them.

a) Write articles and submit them to many Article-Directories who send them to the search engines where they get read (*) Remember to add your website address (URL) into the Resource box at the end of the article, that is the only way you can attract visitors back to your website or Splash page.

b) Send out free Press Releases to many Press Release websites. Perform a Google search for "free Press Releases" and you will find many to submit to.

c) Pay for a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign with Google, Yahoo, or MSN. You can lose money quickly this way, so research how to do it FIRST, then place a "limit" on how much the search engine can charge you for clicks on your ad per week (keep it to $25 a week to try out, then $50 a week if it's working, etc.

d) Once you have a list (300 or more); search for other marketers willing to "trade lists' with you. You send your list a great offer from him/her, and in return they send their list a great or free offer from you. Some of their list will always sign-up with you. This is a preferred way to build your list "faster' than other ways. Do this once a month. If you get complaints from your list, do it once every-other-month. (*) A good place to find joint-list builders is in the Warrior Forum. They have a special page in their site for joint-ventures. (Google for it).

4) Thank You Page: Give away a 2nd free item as a "Bonus' on your Thank You page:

Once they sign-up on your Splash Page, they click a link to submit. That message goes to your 'autoresponder service' (Aweber or GetResponse) who automatically sends the sign-up persons a link in an email to a thank you page (you previously loaded up to your Hosting account). At your Thank You page, they click a link to go to the website address (URL) to download the free product they signed up for; and, you give them a free "Bonus' of a 2nd free item or service, usually your 'affiliate link' to another marketers' product you earn an affiliate commission from. this helps build your list faster.

TRICK: You are earning lil commissions (that add up) from products or services that look like they're free to the visitors.

5) Thank You Page: 2nd or 3rd Free item (software, audio, video, ebook)

You can also have two [free] "Bonuses' on the bottom half of your Thank You page. This way, you really win over the subscriber's trust and devotion to being receptive to your future emails and messages (in which you slip recommendations to purchase other great items at "discounted prices" you negotiated especially for them of course (wink)).

After you're making a steady income from one Splash Page ($100 a mo), you set up four more Splash Pages with different free items to give away. If you earn $100 a month from each one, that is $500 a month (tax free) and you are on your way. I now earn that $500 a month from five sites just like that. It only took me 3 months to get it all up & running. My only cost was the domain names (5) and a Hosting account (about $8 a mo). Anybody can learn this, it's not hard. You can build a list too.

Now I leave those sites sitting there, making me money every week, occasionally typing free ads for them, a Press Release here & there; while I devote the bulk of my time to another revenue model that offers much more income potential. That's another story for another day. I hope 'How To Build A List To Profit' has helped you.

Best of luck, Josh Holliday, Orlando