Metal bed frames can really bring down a newly updated or refurbished room and are a constant pain when it comes to bare feet. An easy solution for both problems is building a wooden bed frame that is a classy alternative upgrade that will really enhance a room.Building a wooden bed frame may seem like a difficult process, however it is very simple and takes very little time at all.


Finished Wooden Bed FrameBuilding your own wooden bed frame versus buying one from the store will not only save money, it will also allow you to personalize your wooden bed frame to fit your needs. Doing so gives to the freedom to be as creative as you would like and let your personality shine through.

Things You Will Need

Tape Measurer

Step 1

Measure Height for Wooden Bed Frame

Measure Height for Wooden Bed FrameFirst, take a tape measure and measure around the bed, taking down the width and length. Place the box springs on a flat floor and measure the height. Write this measurement down for easy access later on. Add approximately 4 inches to the width and length to allow the bed to easily slide into the wooden bed frame.

Step 2

Cutting boards for Wooden Bed Frame

Cutting boards for Wooden Bed FrameAdventure to your local lumber store, with measurements in hand. Find the appropriate boards based on the height of the box springs. If the board is too long for the length cut the board to the appropriate length, do the same for your width.

Step 3

Painting Wooden Bed Frame

Painting Wooden Bed FrameAfter cutting the boards it is a good time to add paint or lacquer. This process will take some time to dry and is more difficult to do when the frame is already built. This is where you can either paint to match the decor or keep the natural beauty of the wood using lacquer or polyurethane. Another option to make your wooden bed frame stand out is to upholster it.

Step 4

Attaching Boards for Wooden Bed Frame

Attaching Boards for Wooden Bed FrameTake one side board (length) and one front or back board (width). Place these two boards with the inside of the front or back board to the inside of the side board. Hammer in two nails into the board to bond the boards together. Do the same for the other side of the frame to make a box.

Step 5

Place Wooden Bed Frame

Place Wooden Bed FramePlace your wooden frame where the bed will be placed. Insert the box springs into the wooden bed frame and place the mattress on top. Add your bedding and enjoy your updated wooden bed frame.


Tips & Warnings