Want to have some fun with your kids in the snow? Build and Igloo! Want to be safe if you are caught outside during a blizzard? Build an Igloo! Igloos can be fun or a real structure with a purpose. Here is how to build your own Igloo.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Choose an area to build your Igloo. If this is an Igloo for fun, anywhere there is room is fine. If this is an Igloo for safety, build your Igloo next to a tree or building.

Make a big circle in the snow. Use a broom or shovel handle or even your foot to mark out your Igloo pattern.

Push as much snow as you can from inside the circle to outside. Leave a layer of snow for the floor. Be sure to pack down your floor with your feet or gloved hands.

Pack powdery snow into rectangles so there resemble large bricks. They should be approximately 12 inches long, 8 inches high and 6 inches deep. Try to make them all about the same size, although they don'€™t have to be exact.

Place each block one by one on the line of the circle your created. Keep piling the blocks up and stagger each row so the edges of your blocks are not lined up with the row before it. The line from the previous row should fall in the middle of your next row.

When you'€™ve reached the halfway point of the construction of your wall, begin to graduate the blocks inward by about an inch. As your graduate the stacks inward you will begin to see a dome shape taking form.

Cut a hole in the Igloo to act as your door. Directly across from your door, cut another hole approximately 6 inches€ x 6 inches€ to allow for airflow. This is very important because you need to replenish oxygen in your Igloo.

Use the back of a shovel or your gloved hands to smooth the outside of your Igloo and shave away any misplaced snow. This will make your Igloo look more uniform

Have fun playing in the snow and in your Igloo. If the Igloo is for safety purposes, be sure to stay inside until the severe weather passes or you hear help has arrived. While waiting for help keep your legs, feet, hands and arms moving as much as possible to stave off frostbite.

Tips & Warnings