If you have been trying to lose weight this year, especially this summer, and find it too hot to go to the gym or do your regular walks or jogging, then why not try and burn fat swimming?

Many people don't realize just how many calories you can burn in a session of swimming. When you are having fun, you are more likely to burn fat swimming, because you are not counting repetitions or looking at the clock.

Swim Park

If you like to take your family to those water slides and activity parks for a day, then you are going to blast big calories just by climbing to the high water slides, and walking around the park. You could easily walk 5 miles in a full day of water park activities and not realize it!

Watch the snacks

To burn fat swimming and having fun at these parks, you need to watch the snacks. Either bring your own snacks (if the park allows picnics etc, some don't like you to bring in your own food) or choose lower fat or lower calorie options. For example if you are totally famished and have been really active swimming, then you may need something more than just an apple. If your only choice is hotdogs or burgers, then go for the hotdog. Keep the topping to mustard, relish and ketchup and you will not overload on calories, while burning calories swimming and having fun.

Backyard Pool

If you are lucky enough to have your own pool or a neighbourhood pool, then you can still burn fat swimming and have some fun. A great way to burn calories swimming is to walk backwards around the edge of your pool. It takes a lot of energy from your muscles to do something we don't naturally do, such as walking backwards. This will blast some calories and tone your muscles.

You may not think you are getting much of a workout in the pool, because you don't sweat, but you should feel your heart racing a bit, that way you know you are working hard.

Treading Water to Burn Calories Swimming

If you have a deep end, then try treading water very quickly with your arms and legs for about a minute, then relax by floating on your back for a minute, then quicken the pace again. You will burn calories swimming and having fun for sure this way.


If you are at the beach and there are some waves, then wade out until you are waist deep and let the waves hit you and instead of flopping around (you can still do that for fun like the kids do!) try to remain standing. It takes a lot of muscle power from your core muscles in your abdominal muscles to remain standing.

Walking in the Water

Challenge your kids to walk to the other end of the pool or to the corners, they can't swim or float. It can be hard to walk in the water, but this is another great way to burn fat swimming. It really takes some arm movement and leg movements to walk at any speed in the water, especially once the water is at your waist or higher.

Walk on the Beach

If you are done with the water, or don't want to go in at the beach, then take off your shoes and walk along the soft sandy shore. This works your legs and body harder than a walk on the sidewalk.

There are so many ways to have fun and burn fat swimming. If it is summer, then get out to the beach and backyard pools. If it is winter, then get to those indoor pools in your community. Swimming and having fun in the pool is good for your joints. There is not so much pressure on them, and you will likely exercise for a longer period of time.