When you are considering buying a mannequin you need to look at several factors. Lets assume that you need to buy a mannequin for a storefront. What is your target ,market? What type of clothes do you sell? If you are are marketing towards females to sell them females clothes then you will need a female mannequin. What is the average age of your customer? Do you need a teen mannequin or a college aged mannequin. If your store consists of a high number of African Americans then you may want to buy an African American mannequin.

A mannequin in your store front is more than just a place to show off clothes. Your mannequin needs to be stylish and sexy in order to convey your marketing method. If you have a reject looking mannequin then that is what the customer will see regardless of how high quality looking and stylish the clothes are on the mannequin.

Mannequin Care

You need to clean off and dust you mannequin on a regular basis. Use a damp rag and clean all of the mannequin. A dirty mannequin will not improve the image of your store.


Mannequin Styles

If your store sells clothing aimed at teen skater boys then obviously you do not want a mannequin of a middle abed lady with skate shoes and a hoody on. If you clothing styles are aimed at the big and tall crowd then you do not want to use a mannequin of a young boy or girl unless it is an overweight mannequin.

If you are selling bikinis targeting big busted women then you will not want a flat chested mannequin. If you are selling clothes aimed at professional men such as suits and ties then you will want a mannequin that will catch the eyes of your target market as the enter your clothing store.

Mannequin Life Span

A quality mannequin can last for well over 20 years if properly took care of. Usually damage to a mannequin will come when changing the clothes on the mannequin. If your staff is trained and takes proper precautions when changing the clothes on the mannequin then the mannequin will last many more years then if you were to not be careful with the mannequin.

A mannequin in a store front window usually tends to last longer than a mannequin inside a store as customers are less apt to kno0ck it over however a mannequin in a storefront window will blasted by UV rays from the sun on a daily basis. These UV rays can sometimes cause more long term damage to the mannequin then a customer ever will. For this reason you should never have an unclothed mannequin in a store front window. Not only is it bad for business but it will also cause the mannequins to break down faster from the suns UV rays.

Take your time when shopping for a mannequin to purchase online. There are many companies that manufacture mannequins. You need to ensure that you not only purchase the proper mannequin for your target market but also take proper precautions to ensure a long life span for the mannequin you buy online. Image Credit: (Flickr/caveman)