Having an antique persian carpet in your home or office would add a lot of glamour and it would give an impression that you have an extravagant taste and a lot of extra money to spend.These carpets are very expensive because they are hand made and often bought as art investments rather than home furniture.

An antique persian carpet has a lot of different colors and motifs which makes it easy to lose oneself in the diverse combinations of rich antique colors.There is a huge range of antique carpets that you will notice when you go out shopping for one.Most of them portray the legend and mystery of the Orient.

Antique persian carpets are often imported from Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Caucasus and Persia (Iran).Some of the most famous carpet weaving areas include Agra, Kashan (which is a city in the province of Isfahan), and many other locations.

Because these genuine carpets are exclusively hand woven they have a great artistic integrity.You can buy a genuine antique persian carpet all over the world and clients are more than willing to pay huge amounts in order to decorate their home or office in style.

If you are looking to add some glamour to your home with a genuine carpet and are willing to spend a lot of money on a piece of art, here are a few useful and helpful tips you should know about.

The first thing you need to do is contact a reliable art dealer who deals in antique carpets.He or she is knowledgeable about different types and knows what to look for.Art dealers are experts in guiding and helping you select the carpet that both suits your taste and your budget.

You should also educate your self and learn all you can about antique persian carpets like design quality, styles of weaving, wools used and dyes.You will also come across synthetic carpets and some dealers will tell you these are genuine ones, so be careful.

The best way to educate your self is to visit a lot of dealers and ask questions.You can also use the Internet as a source of information, it is wise to not believe everything you read online but you will at least get an idea of what is available.

When you are buying an antique persian carpet make sure you analyze each peace carefully, because you need to try and understand the origin and the age of the carpet.This will give you a much better insight of the quality.This is why education is so important, you will learn what to look for.

Check the borders and the edge of the carpet you are looking to buy, sometimes the ends and border are cut out on purpose.The borders determine the value of the carpet.

When you are dealing with antique persian carpets you need to keep an eye on moth attacks and holes.If there are problems you need to attend them before you are buying the carpet.Lastly, always deal with reputable dealers and you will not be scammed.