If you want to find out where to find engagement ring online, know the basics first. When shopping for some engagement rings, look for the wedding ring shop that someone you know personally can attest to especially if you don’t know much about diamonds or gems in general. There are things to consider:

Testimonials and Reviews

Whether you are buying artcarved engagement rings, a more modern design, an antique, wedding ring enhancers or a customized one, you must check for satisfied buyers and where they purchased their jewelries. As much as possible, look for referrals from friends, family members, and other people you know personally. If you don’t have time to do this, make sure that you are allowed by the seller to see or inspect their available engagement rings.

Flexible design

Don’t just settle for buying the engagement ring with its cheap cost without considering the designs that it could offer. Artcarved engagement rings are popular because it allows them to engrave a personal design on the metal. The wedding ring shop you are buying the jewelry from should be able to allow you to do this. There are many other wedding ring enhancers that can give your ring a more personal touch.

Money Back Guarantee

It should come with a money back guarantee.  The wedding ring shops that are confident about selling their product should also be confident that you will keep the product.


GIA Certificate(114357)

If you are buying rare gems or conflict-free diamonds, ask for certification from established entities. If you are buying vintage engagement rings, like artcarved engagement rings you can, ask for certifications. If it is really antique, they would get established groups or entities or individuals to prove that authenticity of what they are selling.


Compare the market price by searching through different shops and asking for common designs and carats from each store. This will help you determine which one has the lowest price.


Let’s say, you choose to purchase canary diamond rings that are being offered for a cut down price, are you sure that your partner wanted the cut that you selected? Even princess Diana had her ring altered even after she personally chose the ring. You and your fiancée should get what you are paying for. If you want artcarved engagement rings, you should be allowed to alter it even after you gave the design.

Cleaning and Caring

Although diamonds are among those hard materials for engagement rings, proper inspection and cleaning or care for your purchased diamond engagement rings.  It’s like taking care of your money that you have invested.   Make sure that you are given the best advice on how to clean and improve the appearance of the design or the shape of the rings.  You can ask the seller for a routine inspection of the diamond into its setting or eventually get wedding ring enhancers. 

Custom design

The wedding ring shop that allows you to customize your ring is worth having a long term relationship with. You might choose from various designs and you can suggest some of your ideas and settings.  You may choose from tension set rings, prong set rings, bezel type or other settings.  A lot of people are attracted to loose diamonds. That’s fine. Just make sure you know all about the Cs - clarity, color, cut or shape and its certification from grading laboratories – before making a purchase.


The most exciting part when shopping for engagement ring is knowing the person you will give it to will accept. So take your time. Ask her what she wants, ask her friends and family for some ideas, and observe the kind of jewelries she wears. You want this to be perfect.


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