Coffee is a beverage that overcomes the language barrier and speaks the language of rejuvenation.  Because coffee plays a role in the daily life of a ton of people, it is a great idea for a gift.  However, there are a lot of coffee themed gifts sets that you can choose.  How do you choose one?  Here are some ideas to help you choose the best gift set: 

Acknowledge Preferences

If you know a coffee fanatic (or you are one yourself), you know that preferences play an important role in the coffee themed gift set that you select.  Always buy the coffee that the recipient prefers.  If you know they are a Starbuck’s fan, then it would be a good idea to buy a Starbuck’s gift set.

Where To Buy

You may think it is a good idea to buy the coffee gift set at the coffee shop.  Well, the best place to buy a coffee themed gift set is based on the location of the recipient and the time of year. 

During the holidays, you want to consider whether there is a better deal available.  During Christmas, coffee gifts are available at your local store for a fraction of the price that your coffee shop may charge.  You should also consider online stores such as Amazon.  The added benefit with online stores is that you will be able to have the product delivered to your recipient.

If the recipient is local, it may be cheaper and easier to buy the gift set at your local coffee store.  Just make sure that you buy something that your recipient likes, since it may be difficult to return the coffee.

If your recipient does not live close to you, it is almost always better to buy the coffee from someone that will deliver it.  If you buy a gift set, it may be a hassle for you to figure out how to ship it.  However, a gift shop, online distributor, or store will know how to package your gift set in order to make sure that it arrives safely.

What Should It Cost

The cost of a coffee themed gift set will vary depending on the brand of coffee and the items that are included.  Based on my research, a typical price for a basket is somewhere between twenty-five and fifty dollars.  There are baskets that cost a great deal more, but they are considered gourmet purchases.  If your basket costs more than fifty dollars, I would urge you to investigate what you are getting for that price. 

What Should Be Included

 A good coffee themed gift set will include a good amount of coffee.  The price should determine the amount of extras that are available in your set.  If your basket costs more, you should expect to receive more items.  Some extras items that you might want to make sure are included: a mug, cookies, candy, and pastries.

If you buy a gift basket online, do not assume that everything in the picture is included in your basket. Take the time to call the company selling the gift set to get the details of what is included.  If you do this, then you should be very satisfied with your purchase.