Hoodia, specifically the Hoodia Gordonii variety, is a known herbal supplement in the United States that helps curb appetite. The herbal effect is beneficial to the weight conscious as it lessens food intake.

Consumers can either buy Hoodia at a local herbal store or online. The online option is much convenient since it offers ease and comfort to the buyer.

As a responsible consumer, you must be critical of the products you buy. Make sure that you buy Hoodia products from genuine online pharmacies. These pharmacies see to it that the supplements they sell contain real Hoodia Gordonii.

Check that the online pharmacy has the license to sell the medication. Some pharmacies trick consumers in purchasing supplements with synthetic Gordonii. The fake version of the drug has no effect plus it contains substances like ephedra and caffeine.

Try to know if the products being sold are approved by independent laboratory researches. These labs release unbiased test results about which products are genuine or not. It is safer if you buy Hoodia product found in the lab's independent list.

If you already have a list of the approved supplements, check the website of the medicine's manufacturer. Read on the reviews of the product on the site. The website should be able to tell you the effectivity of the product and prove it.

Hoodia supplements are usually expensive. Because of the number of years the plant takes to mature and become ready for harvest, the stocks of these plants are rare. These plants grow only in the harsh environments of South Africa and Namibia. Businessmen who want to import the plant products to the United States must have CITES and USDA certifications. Without these certifications, Hoodia products are not allowed to enter the US border. Slow plant growth, transportation, and certifications add up and affect the price of the finished health supplement. Thus, if you buy Hoodia products that are cheap, it is highly likely to be fake.

Another important feature when you buy Hoodia online is the money-back guarantee. If within the stated duration, you see no results of the product, the site should promise you to return all your money without questions. This feature shows you that the manufacturer is sure that their product will work. They will not gamble on a money back guarantee if the product produces no results

Do not attempt to buy through an online auction website. Supplements posted in these sites that offer lower prices than original medicine in the market are doubtful. These ads are usually scams. It is better if you buy direct from the manufacturer's site.

Read the labels of the ads carefully. Make sure that the supplement you are looking at contains genuine Hoodia Gordonii. Other supplements contain other species of Hoodia. There is no other variety of Hoodia used for weight loss purposes but Hoodia Gordonii.

Lastly, choose an online pharmacy that protects your privacy. This site must be able to send you the products in discreet packaging if you demand it.