Organic Protein

Reasons to buy organic whey protein powder:

Whey protein is a derivative from processing cow's milk into cheese. It is considered the "gold standard" of protein in the sports nutrition community, because it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. It is made up of two proteins, Casein (about 80%) and Whey Protein (about 20%). Whey protein isolate is made up of about 90% protein, and 10% fat and lactose. The end product is more easily digestible, and healthier than whey protein concentrate counterpart.

How our body uses whey protein powder:

Protein is something that our bodies need for proper health, and we consume large amounts of it on a daily basis. Whey protein isolate is called a complete protein, and made up of both essential, and non-essential amino acids. Our body naturally produced 10 of the 20 amino acids our body requires called the non-essential amino acids. The other 10 "essential" amino acids must be consumed in the food we eat on a daily basis. Unlike fats, or body does not store amino acids for use later. Consuming organic whey protein powder can help our bodies in many ways, including: Repairing cells in the body, building muscle and bones, and creating energy. Since the levels of protein in many of the foods we eat do not help us meet the minimum recommended amount of protein intake, taking a whey protein supplement can make sure our body has all of the muscle and bone building materials it requires. For example, milk contains about 1% protein, meaning the amount of fat and cholesterol you would have to consume to benefit from milks protein would be high.

The benefits of buying organic whey proten powder:

Organic whey protein is a product of the milk from organically raised cows. The benefits of organic whey protein are similar to the benefits of organic milk. Cows raised on USDA certified organic farms are not injected with milk producing hormones, they are not pumped with antibiotics, and they are free to roam and graze in fields. In addition, cows raised on organic farms are free from exposure to the harsh pesticides and fertilizers that make their way into our milk. Finally, milk from organically raised cows have been shown to have higher concentrations of protein, and be more easily digested. Buying organic whey protein power is healthier for your body and your environment.

Where to buy organic whey protein powder:

Organic whey protein power is growing in popularity in the health community, and the sports nutrition industry. There are a number of manufacturers that exclusively search for family farms who raise their cows organically to buy organic whey protein from. However, since the popularity of organic products is growing so rapidly, you don't have to look to far to find cheap ways to buy organic whey protein powder. USDA certified organic whey protein can be found on many authority sites like where you can save by buying in bulk, and well as combining shipping with other purchases.

Bonus Tip: When buying organic protein powder, be sure to verify that is is "USDA certified" organic, otherwise you may be paying a premium for an inferior product.