Lingerie Shopping

Shop for Lingerie

When it comes to shopping, there is nothing more intimate than shopping for lingerie. How can you buy the best, most flattering lingerie to suit your figure and to make you feel sexy and appealing to the one you love? 

If you are petite, you will want to shop at a store like Victoria’s Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood. But if you are larger chested and/or slightly curvier, you will want to look beyond Victoria’s Secret at other lingerie lines, such as Cacique. The lingerie manufactured for a line like Cacique is just as sexy, just as flattering and sensual as what you will find in Victoria's Secret, but it is designed for women with more ample curves, and you don’t want to limit yourself by shopping in stores that won’t have the best choices for you. 

When it comes to flattering your figure, you want as many choices as possible. (Again, keep in mind that Victoria’s Secret is great for young, slim women who want push-up bras to maximize their curves make their chests look larger. If this describes you, go for it!)

If you are a D-cup or larger, to reiterate, you might have more luck with Cacique (or with other, similar brands). Because fine lingerie tends to be expensive, you will want to choose the most appealing materials you can find (such as silk and satin), as well as the most vibrant and/or dramatic colors (black, red, burgundy, white, lavender, just to name a few). 

What matters most when shopping for intimate apparel is that you feel hot, sexy and appealing in whatever lingerie you ultimately choose. In other words, the best lingerie for you is the lingerie that makes you feel the best about yourself, on a purely personal and subjective level. So listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts. Fortunately, some stores, including most department stores feature lovely lingerie in all sizes, from petite to plus size and everything in between, so you may want to investigate those as well, in your quest for the perfect negligee or bra and panties.

For instance, if you like the idea of using lingerie to create an hour glass figure, you can try out some corsets to see if they make you feel sexy, wasp-waisted and womanly. On the other hand, you might prefer something more loose, flowing and billowy. Again, the most important aspect of lingerie shopping is being true to yourself and your own desires.