The great experience of using a Palm Pre smartphone can be enhanced by purchasing the right accessories for the phone. With so many accessories out there to choose from, it can be difficult to buy the right ones. Follow these straightforward steps to buy the best accessories for your Palm Pre.

Things You Will Need

-Palm Pre

Step 1

First, make sure to buy accessories that are custom made for the Palm Pre. There are a number of products out there that will claim to fit any size cell phone. Depending on the type of accessory, sometimes it is ok to buy a generic accessory for your Pre. Examples of this type of accessory include headphones, bluetooth accessories, or memory. In other situations, it is critical to buy Palm Pre specific accessories. This is certainly true when buying cases, screen protectors, or software.

Step 2

Next, it is wise to read reviews of accessories before making any purchases. While expert reviews (CNet, etc.) are useful, I find consumer reviews to be the most valuable. Go to sites such as or and read the actual user reviews from people who have bought this product. Keep in mind there will always be people who do not like a given product, but look at the general trends.

Step 3

Lastly, make sure to physically examine any Palm Pre accessory in an actual store. Even if you intend to buy online (which can often be the best deal), check out the accessory first in a store. Particularly when it comes to accessories that you touch often (screen protector, case, headphones), it is important to make sure these are comfortable. Array

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