Knitting is the art of producing fabric from a thread or yarn without the use of looms or machines. All you need are knitting needles and a ball of yarn to start knitting socks, sweaters, jumpers, scarves and what not. The term knitting originated from knot which again was derived from the Dutch word knutten. Most believe that knitting came to Europe from Middle East via Mediterranean trade routes. Finally it spread to America and rest of the world during colonization. In the 17th and 18th centuries, knitting became a common occupation in the Scottish isles where families worked to produce colourful sweaters, socks; stockings etc.

By the 20th century knitting had become a popular pastime for women. During the Second World War the British Government encouraged women to knit woolen clothes for the soldiers in the war front. Women were encouraged to unravel old woolen clothes to reuse the wool as wool was in short supply during the war years.

Knitting became part of the fashion industry in the 1960s when designers began to produce fashionable knitwear. In the 21st century knitting has reached new heights of popularity. It is no longer the pastime of old people or home makers; rather it has become a huge industry in itself. Designer knitwear and sweaters and other accessories are flooding the markets. The internet is full of knitting sites dedicated to promote latest knitting patters and goodies. Tips for beginners are also available in various knitting books that are available in the market.

So now let us discuss what would be the perfect gift for a person who would love to pursue the art of knitting? Well let me tell you, buying gifts for knitters dedicated to their art is quite easy. Most knitters would love knitting tools or latest books on the craft; the trick is to get them something that they do not have. Here are some great possible gifts for knitters.

Yarn – You cannot go wrong with this gift; this is because a knitter always has need for more yarn. You can get wool, cashmere, novelty yarn as gifts for knitters.

Interchangeable needles are another great option.

Knitting bags – Knitters always need another bag as in most cases the older bags are filled with previous knitting projects.

Yarn swift and ball winder – This can be another great gift as it can help to roll a ball.

Rolled up knitting needle case can be used to store multiple needles in one place.

If you are a knitter yourself then make a knitting kit that includes yarn, needles, books on latest trends and patterns as well as other accessories. Your friend will love this personalized gift.

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