buy used motorcycles

If you have ever gone looking for a used car, then you know you have to look for hidden issues, the same rules apply when you go to buy used motorcycles.

If you know your bikes, then to buy used motorcycles, is just a matter of finding the one you really want. So that of course is your first piece of homework. Knowing the motorcycle you want. But you probably know that already, and have been saving up for this day!

Once you have decided, then you need to start getting a feel for the price of the used motorcycles you are looking for out on the market.

There are a couple of good places to start online when you are ready to buy used motorcycles.

Look Online For Prices To Buy Used Motorcycles

Ebay, is a good place to start, to get a feel for the prices. Look under "advanced search" and find the "completed sales" for your type of bike. This way you can actually see how many people were out to buy used motorcycles, and the price they paid for the one they wanted. The completed sales is a goldmine, because people can ask what they want, but this way you see what they actually get or how many actually sold

Keep track of the price range. This will at least give you a good idea whether that cheap used motorcycle for sale down the road, is as good a deal, as they are leading you to believe.

Buy Used Motorcycles In Local Buy Trade and Sell Magazines

You can get a feel for the prices in your local papers and magazines, this should help you buy used motorcycles in your own area. This can give you a good list of bikes to weed through and phone about or go and look at. Most of these buy and sell magazines are online as well.

Buy Used Motorcycle Parts

While you are online, drooling over the bike you really want, surf around at the price of parts before you buy used motorcycles. This may just change your mind. Some parts for older bikes are sought after and are quite high priced. So, make sure you have the budget to do any upgrades or maintenance to your used motorcycle.

Check the Paperwork when you Buy Used Motorcycles

It is amazing how many people selling used motorcycles, especially the older models, and vintage bikes, have no paperwork for the bike. Half the time they can't even prove it was theirs. This is something you are going to run into quite often if your plan to buy used motorcycles, especially the much older models that are not on the road anymore, and in need of work.

Many of these older models, have worked their way to the back of garages, sheds and overgrown weeds! If you ever want to ride this bike on the road, then you have to be prepared to get the paperwork in order.

Check Serial Number Before You Buy Used Motorcycles

If unsure about this bike, you can take the serial number and go to your local Licensing office and see if they will run a history on it. They may charge you for this, but it is good insurance against purchasing a stolen bike. If the owner gets twitchy about you writing down the serial number, or gets angry, then you know something is up.

If after inspection you really want to buy this used motorcycle, then you may have to deal with getting an affidavit from the present owner, swearing this is his motorcycle and get the proper ownership.

Really, if the owner is trying to sell this bike, he should get that in order first. But many don't, they leave that up to you. This can take weeks to sort out. Unless you are wanting to buy used motorcycles for parts only, you need to get this paperwork in order. Many of these sellers, are selling the bike for really cheap. So watch out for too good a deal.

For all you know this used motorcycle, could be his buddies down the road, who may want it back (Been there, done that!) If they have truly lost the ownership, then they will sign paperwork to help you get one. If they get nervous when you talk about getting a receipt from them that will include their name and address, then walk away, no run away!

We came across a bike once that had been sold 3 times, and the original owner, three owners back still had his name on this bike. So, unless you are prepared to take time off work and deal with licensing this used motorcycle, find another one. If nothing else, when you buy used motorcycles, their paperwork should be in order. Also Check out GS 750 Suzuki