Online Magazine Subscription That Needs To Be Cancelled?

Most people loathe the thought of paying the high newsstand prices for magazines. This is especially true if you buy celebrity magazines or cooking magazines on a regular basis. Like it or not, they are very irresistible, as they sit overlooking the checkout counter. The cover stories call out your name, enticing you to find out more about the latest celebrity gossip, weight loss products or holiday recipes. Before you know it, the magazine moves from the magazine rack to the conveyor belt, and it comes home with you. Over time, it becomes clear that you are spending triple or even quadruple what you would be paying if you simply got a magazine subscription. Conveniently, this information is very easy to find inside of the magazine and to make it even easier, there is usually a little postage paid postcard for you to fill out and drop in the mail.

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Voila- before you know it, your magazine arrives at your front door and your in style magazine subscription, or what have you has begun. You might even add an additional subscription or two, like fine homebuying magazine subscription or a golf magazine subscription. But what happens when you find that you don't have time to read all of these magazines? What happens when they begin to collect dust next to your couch, unread? You will need to cancel your magazine subscription and from experience, I can tell you that it's not an easy task. And just to warn you, whether you have cancelled your subscription or not, if you are still receiving magazines by mail, you'd better believe that they will absolutely continue to bill you. If you don't pay the bill, the bill will be sent to a collection agency and you don't want that to happen. These aggressive tactics are what help the publishing company to generate their profits.

Most people call the magazine company and inform them that they want to cancel the subscription. The representative will ask why, and when you tell them why, they will convince you to maintain your subscription anyway. Be assertive, and let them know that you want the subscription cancelled immediately. Once they say that they will cancel the subscription, politely ask the representative for their name or representative ID number, and write it down. Keep this information in a safe place; you will probably need it again sooner than you think.

When you receive your next magazine in the mail, you will roll your eyes and wonder why the subscription wasn't cancelled. Don't keep the magazine, thinking that it was their mistake. There's no such thing as finders keepers in the magazine subscription world. On the contrary, keeping a magazine that is sent to you means that you are willing to maintain the subscription. If you keep it, more will follow, guaranteed. You are going to have to step up your game plan a little if you want to get this cancelled successfully. Take out the piece of paper where you wrote down the helpful magazine representative's name just a short while ago, and prepare to write a letter.

Try to keep your sanity while you write a formal business letter explaining that your magazine subscription has already been cancelled and that you are continuing to receive magazines by mail. Be sure to include the date that you cancelled and the name of the lovely representative who confirmed your order cancellation. Seal the envelope and sent it by US Mail, return receipt requested. This will ensure that the person who receives your envelope will have to sign for it, and you will receive the original card with their signature back in the mail. This will make it very difficult for the company to deny having received your cancellation letter, should this turn into a sticky situation or consumer litigation down the road.

The last thing that you need to do is to take the magazine that you received, and write in a black marker across the front of the magazine "Return to Sender- Subscription Cancelled". By the time the magazine publisher receives the magazine back, they should have already received your cancellation notice also. At this time, your subscription should be officially cancelled and you will not be responsible for owing any more subscription fees. Perhaps purchasing magazines at newsstand prices wasn't such a bad idea after all.

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