Quitting eBay, here's how.

Cancelling your eBay account is simple. It was a little harder, but with bloggers happy to explain it, eBay see no point in trying to make it hard.

You may want to close your eBay account for many reasons, but you do close it via the same method.

First of all login to your eBay account where you will see the Summary screen. The access to the summary screen is by clicking the links at the top right hand side of the page,

My eBay >> My eBay Summary

Ebay account screen with highlightsCredit: Ebay.com

The red circle indicates your balance, this is what you owe eBay. This information also includes when eBay invoice for the money. If you owe money (in this instance I owe eBay $8.29) then they will not let you close the account until you restore the balance to $0.

The green circle is where you click to make a one-off payment to eBay so you can restore the balance. If you have linked your eBay account to PayPal then clicking that link will take you through to PayPal, if you pay via bank card then it will ask for your card details.

Ebay will not let you close an account if you have paid them fees within the last 30 days (which is very frustrating.) If this is the case, when you try to cancel your account you receive a message 'You made a recent payment. Please allow 30 days from the day of payment before closing your account.' 

The yellow circle is the close my account link. You can click this when your balance is $0 and it will take you to the help page below.

Ebay help screenCredit: Ebay.com


The orange circle indicates the 'request to close my account link'. There is information on this page about closing your 'seller' account, closing your PayPal account, and closing your eBay store, they are found by scrolling down the page.

Once you click on the close your account link you are then asked to login again to confirm your User-ID and password.

eBay login screenCredit: Ebay.com

After you put this in  your on the home straight. Ebay will try to resolve your issue and get you to keep your account open, but if your set on closing it, just select the drop down box that applies to you, and that you want to close your account.

Congratulations you just closed your eBay account.

Hope this helps

Thanks for reading.