Fun Bike By performing regular maintenance tasks to our bicycle the life of the bike is greatly extended as well as decreasing the possibility of accidents due to poor maintenance. Theres nothing worse than to know a mishap on the road could of been avoided by doing simple repairs and adjustments. Riding our bike over rough terrains requires maintenance to be performed on a more frequent basis.

Things You Will Need

You will need a bicycle all-purpose multi-task tool which can be purchased at most bike shops.

Step 1

You should check the bicycle's headset. Press down on the headset with the brake engaged and roll the wheel back and forth. If you hear a clicking sound, then the locknut and top cup needs to be tightened.

Step 2

The front hub: Try moving the wheel from side-to-side when firmly grasping the wheel and frame. If you hear a click it means the axle bearings are loose. This repair requires professional attention and will need to be taken to a bike repair shop.

Step 3

If there is any clicking or grinding sounds with the pedals this means the pedal bearings are worn out or the bottom bracket bearings are loose. Both these problems require professional repair.

Step 4

The headset bearings: Pick up the front of the bicycle and turn the handlebars. Grease the bearings or replace them if you find the motion is rough.

Step 5

The back hub: Move the back wheel from side to side. If you hear the bearings click it means they are too loose and require professional repair.

Step 6

The cranks: Align the cranks horizontally and push down rather hard. Tighten the crank mounting bolts if there is any movement at all.

Step 7

Always make sure to wipe off your bicycle after each use. Be sure to keep it dry to avoid rust. Never lay the bike down on its side. When transporting it by car use a bicycle car mount to do so. Its also a good idea to oil the gears and chain on a yearly basis, however if the bike is used a lot this should be done every 6 to 9 months. Maintaining proper air pressure in the tires will extend the life of the tires as well as help the bike to perform at its optimal level. Equip the bicycle with front and rear reflectors for safety. A light added to the front handlebar area is also an excellent safety feature.
By doing regular maintenance and tune-ups to your bicycle, mishaps on the road greatly diminish.

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